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There are people who can gamble without letting it become a problem, but to may, it gradually becomes an addiction. The urge to gamble is usually overwhelming and when it gets to the point of problem gambling, one begins to indulge in negative activities. Most problem gamblers would start telling lies, misuse money, steal and generally miss out on their entire lives. These are basically some of the signs that someone is transforming into a gambling addict or is actually already addicted. When these symptoms are identified early enough, steps can be taken to recover the person. Even though its hard for a compulsive gambler to overcome it, the illness can be managed through various professional means which include:

Professional Counseling

Gambling health can be achieved by talking to a gambling addict. This is one of the steps that can be taken to know if one is an addict and gambling help can be provided through counselling one is. This measure involves letting the patient know that there is a problem which needs a solution other than approaching them with aggressiveness and deception. Whether the patient tells the truth or lies, they still need gambling help and have to be given solutions to gambling problems in an open and friendly way.


Rehabilitation is the best way to achieve gambling health for a dying patient; some problem gamblers can only get help through rehabilitation. People who have been addicted for years and find it hard to stop gambling can be put into rehabilitation where they can get both advice and learn ways they can stop the addiction. If the addiction cannot be eradicated completely, then the patient can be taught on how to cope with the addiction. Having a designated person or sponsor could be useful as they can help you combat the gambling desire.

Generally, treating problem gambling involves medication, psychotherapy and support groups which can all be found by seeking help through national and other gambling helplines such as Gamcare, NHS Choices – Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous (UK). Both behaviour therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy can help one identify the thought patterns that support and lead to the gambling problem, it then replaces them with healthier beliefs. Some gamblers are able to respond well to narcotic antagonists, antidepressants and mood stabilizer medications. Most of the times, a gambling addict also suffers from ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Therapy or medication can, therefore, be used to successfully treat those conditions and may alleviate the addiction. Gamblers Anonymous, as well as other self-help groups, can also help.

At most times, people may struggle to get out of gambling addiction without realising that there are ways that one can take before getting to that point. Through responsible gambling, gambling addiction and all the problems that follow it can be easily avoided. Here are some tips for responsible gambling.

Set a Gambling Limit

Gambling is addictive and the addiction leads to many problems. The saddest part of it is that you can easily blow all your money into it as you try to win and recover losses. In the process, you get absorbed into gambling and at the end, you get addicted without even knowing. Setting a limit can help you save your money and most importantly, help you avoid the addiction. The sticking to your limits will help you know when to stop and use only the amount of money you plan to gamble with.

Use Cash

It is highly recommendable to use cash only when gambling in order to help you stick to your limits. Once the amount you had put aside for gambling is depleted, you know its time to walk away. Using cash also help you keep your mind off your losses. The problem with focusing on your losses is that you will want to use more money to recover. However, with this hack, you play until the moment you realize you have a balance of zero. Read here on tips how to extend your game play 

You Should Quit Even if you are Ahead

Most players will be motivated to press on so long as they`re ahead. However, this puts their earnings at risk and they might lose it all. In such a case, one would want to recover but in the process, they won’t realize they are being absorbed into gambling. Quitting early should not be a tough decision no matter what. The advantage is that you will have something in your pocket and at the same time avoid getting an addiction.

Understand the Games you Bet on

The main problem you would run into while playing games you do not understand is that you will always want to try them until you get good at them. If you can learn as much as possible about a game before betting on it, you will have higher chances of winning. Consequently, you will avoid trying out your luck – a situation that can keep you gambling to infinity without earning anything.

Place Smaller Bets

Placing smaller bets generally gives you a bigger range of possible winnings as opposed to a single big bet which if goes wrong, the loss becomes devastating.

Make use of Company

When gambling in a casino, it would be wise to bring with you someone during the gambling sessions. Whoever you go will play a big role in helping you know when you should stop gambling.

Take a Break

Spending hours in a casino or gambling online is not the key to better winning odds. It actually means a lot of distraction and in the end, addiction. Taking regular breaks refreshes your mind and makes you think clearly after resting. During the break, you can also think of other important activities to avoid excessive gambling. Its all about being smart on your gambling, this will always give you some leads to striking the lucky spot.

Take Note of Propagators of Gambling Addiction

You would be in a better position if you knew all the causes of problem gambling and take measures to avoid it. One of the best ways is to have someone to help you avoid problem gambling. Through the gambling helplines, you can find people and companies that are willing to help you out even when you are already an extreme addict. Once you know what to do to avoid problem gambling and how to react in case you are one, you will be able to gamble in a healthy way.

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