The Classic Slots

classic slots

The phrase Classic slots has varied meanings. The traditional slot games that were based on mechanical actions are referred to as the classic games. The phrase also describes the modern games that are designed to look similar to the traditional classic machines. Generally, the classic slots are slot games that have three spinning reels with bars and classic symbols such as liberty bells and cherries.

The modern slots have a similar feel to the native 3-reel slot machines which were commonly referred to as the one-armed bandits. The modern classic slot games offer bonuses, progressive payouts and feature a variety of themes, unlike the initial 3-reel slot machines. Though these machines utilize the power of electronic brains, they still have to use three reels with a single pay line and rarely up to 5 pay lines.

The Classic vs the Video Slots

Slots are mostly categorised into two groups; classic slots and video slots. These two categories were originally based on varying technology. The newer games operated on special gaming software and were, therefore, called video slots. On the other hand, the older 3-reel models relied on mechanically spinning reels and were called the classic slot. Nonetheless, the number of reels is what makes the big difference between these games.

These days, all online slots and most of the land-based slot machines are video games, but the 3-reel slot does not fall under this category. In the video games, you can choose from a variety of themed video slots that have 5 and 7 spinning reels.

Progressive Slots

These slots usually offer a consistently increasing jackpot. Both standalone machines and networked machines offer this kind of jackpot. The Jackpot is accumulated by subtracting part of the players` bets and summing all the subtractions. Progressive slot machines have the tendency to attract a lot of players and this consequently results in the jackpot amount being bigger than usual. The problem with the jackpots, however, is that there are usually very little chances of hitting it.

Bonus Slots

These are the slot games which involve a round of wagering that offers extra prizes besides the normal spinning reels and symbols, but not all online slots will offer the extra bonus round. Most slots above the nickel and penny level usually include some type of bonus round. Note that, bonus slots are not dominated by the online casinos alone; land-based slots also have been including bonus rounds for a long time before online gambling surfaced.

Multi-reel and Multi-Payline Slots

The 3-reel slot machine games are traditionally known as the classic games but slot machines that contain over 3 spinning reels are referred to as multi-reel slots. These slots include 5, 7, and 9-reel slots. The multi-pay line slots, on the other hand, are those slot machines that have more than one pay line.


These are slot games with the 5-reel theme exclusively developed by Rival. The i-Slots offer extra bonus features on top of the traditional ones. The features include second screen, a definite game plot and animated images and they are all meant to make the game more interesting to play. All the i-Slots games are 5-reel multi-denomination with varying minimum and maximum bets, varying number of pay lines and various payouts.

How the Classic Slot is Played

If you want to play the classic slot, you only need to know the slot machine options and the buttons used to make bets, select the pay lines, set betting amount and activate slots reels. The procedure for playing the slot games is the same throughout the slot machines, so the type of game played and amount spent on playing does not matter.

The Slots Rules

Once you have decided the amount you wish to put into the slot game, you have to choose the right slot machine. A machine that has a high payback percentage with a denomination of coin which suits your overall bankroll is appropriate. Doing this will help you earn more money and not lose all your money at once. You can then begin playing after you have chosen your desired slot machine. To play a classic slot game, you only choose the coin size you like and the number of paylines you want to activate for a spin.

Slots Winning Tips

This text describes the most effective ways one can win when playing slot games online and offline.

1. Bankroll management.
If you want to build up a better gaming strategy, you first have to decide on your bankroll and the bet sizes. It is recommended that you stretch your betting amount and pocket anything you win. If you lose, you lose. Avoid chasing your loses since you might end up losing even more.

2. Set betting limits.
Your betting limits and bankroll should determine the slot machine you are playing. It`s not fair for you to gamble with money you can`t afford to lose.

3. Always bet maximum at the progressive slots.
Bet on all pay lines and on the maximum number of coins. This is to avoid the situation in which you obtain the best combination but fail to win the jackpot just because you didn’t Bet Max.

4. Seek extra slot bonuses.
Always look for a slot machine that has special offers and extra bonuses. The games are fun and offer higher chances of winning.

5. Only play the loose machines.
Always look for the loose slots with high paybacks – check the payback percentages. As a rule, the €5 and above slot machines normally offer the highest paybacks, up to 99%.

6. Take slots lessons.
Before you play for real money, you should practice for you to know the game options available and learn winning strategies. Free slots or slot games offered in fun mode can help you familiarize with slot games.

7. Read the paytable before playing.
The pay table will enable you to know the combinations that have the potential for winning you money. It also gives you an idea of what to expect for a payout. The slot with the highest payout works better.

8. Avoid slots myths.
There is nothing like a cold or hot machine; any machine of your choice will let you play your game peacefully. Most importantly, no betting slot system is 100% effective so do not waste your cash on buying slot strategies.

9. Take advantage of slots comps.
Casino camps are usually provided in the form of a free lunch or dinner, bonuses, tickets, hotel rooms and other forms. These camps can help you save money you would spend on meals and accommodation, and instead use the money to play.

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