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Vegas Three Card Rummy Review

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About Vegas Three Card Rummy

The Vegas Three Card Rummy game by RTG is an online rummy game which can transform your everyday tedious or boring life into a fun gaming time with a variety of games in comparatively a less amount of time.

Game design

This Vegas Three Card Rummy by RTG is an online rummy game which has a lot of exciting features like Bonus Side Wager, Fast Play and Smooth Animations. In this game you are against the dealer where you are at dealt 3 cards face up and the dealer is at dealt 3 cards face down. Your aim should be of getting lesser points than the dealer who in turn requires less than 20 points in order to qualify. Each and every time the dealer fails to reach its requirement, you are given even money (7-10 points) as the reward. Card values actuate the points in this game: Face Value, Face Cards and Aces. You can win 4:1 odds if you have with yourself a pair, triple, two or three suited run. Bonus wager gives you huge wins. Hand Score less than 12 points can give Bonus Cash. Rules Section has all the breakout options which you can refer.

Play Vegas Three Card Rummy on mobile

The Vegas Three Card Rummy game has great compatibility with mobile phones (IOS, Android), tablets, laptops and PC’s. The demanding HTML5 and CSS3 technologies have worked as a helping hand in providing this game a new base, to be presented in all gaming platforms.

Vegas Three Card Rummy bonus play and free spins

For this game, players get no chance for bonus game or free spin feature. It ranges from 1-100 credits and some online casino can even offer 500 credits. Player can start the game by setting the Ante wager. Bonus bet option can give huge return on your part to pull a phenomenal win. Payouts can range from 7-10 points (even money) to 100:1 for A-2-3 suited run. Maximum payout is around $50,000.

Vegas Three Card Rummy RTP and volatility

Vegas Three Card Rummy record its RTP as high as 95%.

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