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About Tri Card Poker

The Tri Card poker game powered by RTG is an online poker game with fewer cards as compared to any conventional poker, but nevertheless can give you all the benefits and good wins that you wish for in a poker game.

Game design

This Tri Card poker by RTG is a top-ranked poker hand than that of a dealer and the win line is quite huge. There are only 3 cards as compared to any traditional 5-card poker but the values, wins and fun is twice than a regular poker (online). The Table Wagering limits is between 1-100 credits. Players can choose the bet that they want to place, whether Ante bet, or the Pair Plus bet or both. But initially you have to choose any one bet to start the game- either against the dealer or yourself. Ante bet is where your hand will thump the dealer’s hand and Pair Plus is where your hand will have at least one pair. Player can opt for the “Raise” option if they wish to “uphold the Ante”.

Play Tri Card Poker on mobile

The Tri Card poker game goes well with desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems) and Android or iOS mobile devices. Co-acting with technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 have made a positive mark for this game in all platforms.

Tri Card Poker bonus play and free spins

For this game, players get no chance for bonus game or free spin feature. Payouts begin with one pair (1:1) and leads out with a Straight Flush (40:1). Tri-Card poker has similar rules as that of a regular or conventional 5-card poker games, the only difference being the fewer number of cards (3 cards) in this game. Dealer requires a Queen or someone powerful to qualify. Since this game is an abridged version of a traditional poker, some conventional poker hands are impossible to try and is absent from pay table.

Tri Card Poker RTP and volatility

Tri Card poker record its RTP as high as 97.34%. The online poker game with 3 cards does not gather any minus point in terms of winning or fun that a player should receive.

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