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Pai Gow is a traditional Chinese game played with dominoes. This game is Americanized and made into a video poker callee Pai Gow poker. Many software developers have adopted this game and RTG is one of them. Released in 2017, this game primarily deals with cards and chips.

Game design

This game can be played in either a green casino table, a blue casino table or a red casino table. The board includes 14 cards kept, according to the rules of the game, in the middle. There is a deck of cards at the top right corner and a set of chips alongside. The game also includes a shoebox on the right side.

Play PAI GOW POKER on mobile

The technology used in this game is JS and HTML5. With this technology, this game can be played on a mobile phone, a tablet as well as on a desktop.

PAI GOW POKER bonus play and free spins

In this game, you will be competing with a dealer who will be playing with two hands. To maintain the equation, you will also be playing with two hands. You and the dealer will be given 7 cards each in the beginning. These 7 cards will be divided in the fashion of 5 cards and 2 cards comprising the 2 hands. The value of the 5 cards must be higher than the value of 2 cards. The name of the hands employed in the game are given below:

Five of a Kind
Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
One pair
High Card

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