Loose deuces


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Loose Deuces is a well-known video poker which primarily deals with the game of cards. Various software providers have adopted this game and RTG is one of them. Launched in the year 2018, Loose Deuces has three other variations- 3 hand, 10 hand and 52 hand.

Game design

The background of the game is violet with the print of cards on it. On the left side of the game screen, there is a list of hand features followed by the slots for 5 coins. Below this list, you have five cards which will be, initially, turned down. On the right side, there is the name of the game which also includes its logo. There is a soundtrack installed in the game which resonates with the main theme of the game

Play LOOSE DEUCES on mobile

The technology used in this game is JS and HTML5. With this technology, this game can be played on a mobile phone, a tablet as well as on a desktop.


The basic rules for the game are that there will be five cards, all of the cards will be reshuffled and must be chosen from one single deck. In this game, players can employ several actions like bet, bet one, bet max, draw deal, hold and cash out. However, your win, in this game, is decided by your closing hand.

LOOSE DEUCES different hands

The different names given to the hands introduced in the game are given below:
Royal Flush
4 Deuces
Wild Royal w/2s
Five of a Kind
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind

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