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About KENO

Keno from RTG is a popular, simplistic and retro casino game played even today. Similar to bingo and lottery, Keno can provide hours of unlimited gambling fun!

Game design

This game consists of a red background. In the middle of the game screen, you have 80 tiny boxes placed adjacent to each other given in the form of 8×10. These boxes are serially numbered from 1 to 80. On the left side of these boxes, you have a list of the hits and their according payout and on the right side, you have the number of rounds and their hits enlisted. On either side of the game, the maximum winning amount which is 250,000 euros is specified. You simply have to match your picks with the numbers pre-specified in Keno. You can use the quickpick feature to pick these numbers too!

Play KENO on mobile

The technology used in this game is JS and HTML5. This lets you enjoy the game to the fullest on all devices like mobiles, tablets, etc.

KENO game rules

A random 20 numbers will be selected at the beginning of the game which will not be revealed to you. Then you will be asked to choose a maximum of 15 numbers which you think is included in the previously chosen numbers.. The more numbers that match, the higher the payout. The maximum return is if you can get it on the 11th pick. However jackpot amounts are the same from the 11th to the 15th pick.

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