Jacks or better 10 hand

Play JACKS OR BETTER 10 HAND from RTG for free


RTG brings in its usual high standards of video poker gameplay with Jacks or Better 10 hand, which is one of the most fun and popular variations of poker!

Game design

The interface is a simple black card table with various options for betting laid down at the bottom in the button panel.The background is a royal purple with card symbols outlined on them.
The game starts off with you being dealt 5 cards – all face up. A pair of jacks is the minimum combination for a win while a royal flush is of the highest payout value. You can choose to discard or hold whichever and however many cards you want in order to form winning combos.

Play JACKS OR BETTER 10 HAND on mobile

The technology used in this game is JS and HTML5. This allows the game to be played on a mobile phone, a tablet, as well as on a desktop.

JACKS OR BETTER 10 HAND game rules

You will be dealt 10 hands of 5 cards each. All of these hands are in play simultaneously and are each dealt from separate 52-card packs. This raises both your bet amount and winning chances by 10. The jackpot hand is shown on the screen while the rest of the nine smaller hands are above it. Wins are calculated by adding all the winning hand combinations out of the 10. Payouts are given for:, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, flush, straight, straight flush, four of a kind, and Royal Flush.

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