European roulette

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About European Roulette

This unique table game by RTG brings something fresh to the ‘table’. Pulling in the attention of all types of gamblers, this casino game is simplistic in its approach and lets you take your best form while you are on it.

Game design

This traditional casino game comes packed with not only a conventional gameplay method but also attractive design and graphics which keeps gamblers of every age hooked. With a house edge of 2.70%, this very popular game is all about predicting which pocket, the tiny white ball will land up in. Players obviously enjoy amazing flexibility in terms of payouts, bet amounts, table limits depending upon the type of bets – Straight Up Bet, Street Bet, Dozens Bet and many more. The minimum coin size is one, and the maximum coin size is 100. The game also has a spectacular background sound effect which heightens the overall experience.

Play European Roulette on mobile

RTG has optimized European Roulette for users to play it on their mobile anywhere and at any time of the day without buffers.

European Roulette game rules

This game of Roulette follows the customary rules of Roulette. The game uses 37 numbers on board with the wheel numbered from 0-36. Gamblers can make up any combination of bets by making use of the roulette board or racetrack board. This game aims to wager on a number, color or situation on which the ball the land. The payouts for some of the standard bets are split bet, street bet, straight-up bet, corner bet, line bet, and four-bet.

European Roulette RTP and volatility

European Roulette has an RTP value of 95%.

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