Spectacular wheel of wealth


Play Spectacular Wheel of Wealth from Microgaming for free

About Spectacular wheel of Wealth

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth by MicroGaming is a classic slot game featuring only 3 reels and only a single pay line, located in the middle. This means that you can bet only 2 coins, whose value would be 1 each. This is a typical example of a classic high paying slot game.

Game design

The game does not have any story whatsoever but is based on the typical matching of slot symbols. The maximum betting amount has been restricted to 2, which is unheard of, but that is how it works. The game does have a quirky soundtrack added to it if that helps the player. Since the game only has a single pay line, winning becomes both difficult and easy, depending on how lucky you are. In spite of the single pay line, the game has a wild symbol in the form of a Spectacular symbol.

Play Spectacular Wheel of Wealth on mobile

The game has minimal graphics and is perfectly compatible with any smartphone, does not matter the specifications. The UI is simple and easy to use for the average gambler so that they can get a seamless experience.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth bonus play and free spins

The bonuses and the free spins are packed in this game, although the reels and pay lines are less. A single Wild on the pay line will get you a 2x reward and consecutive Wilds on the pay line will get you 4x of the initial bet.
One symbol of any kind will get you 2 for the first coin and double the amount for the 2nd coin. Bars, Tickets, will get you 10 and 15 respectively for the 1st coin and double for the 2nd coin. The Double Bar and Triple Bar will award the gambler with a big 30 and 50 bucks respectively for the 1st coin. Sevens will award 200 for 2nd coin and a half for the 1st coin.
The highest valued symbol among all is the Spectacular Symbol which will award 2000 bucks for the 1st coin and a jackpot of 5000 bucks for the 2nd coin.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth RTP and volatility

Having an RTP of 96.32%, this slot game has a massive fanbase for the true slot enthusiasts. The jackpot amounts to a massive 5000 of the initial bets and is massive for a game with only 3 reels and a single pay line.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth slotsymbols

There are not many symbols in this game, but the ones included are Bars, Tickets, Sevens, and the Spectacular Logo. The latter is also the wild symbol.

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