Visit The Arctic Circle And See The Northern Lights

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Here’s your chance to stay in one of TIME Magazine’s greatest places in the world! CasinoEuro’s European Tour is still going strong. Having already chosen winners for the New Year’s trip to Madeira and a shopping weekend in London, the third stop is Sweden!

From the 15th to 24th of October, cash and a stay in the world’s first Ice Hotel in the Arctic Circle in Sweden are up for grabs. Simply play on the qualifying games and join the in-game tournament to collect points and claim the Pole position of the leaderboard. Reach first place and win an Arctic Circle Experience including watching the Northern Lights, a stay in the Ice Hotel and the chance to try dog or reindeer sledging. Collect spins and aim for the top in the third stop CasinoEuro’s European Tour today.

Four Things You’ll Be Experiencing In Sweden

1. You’ll Be In Awe Of The Northern Lights

During your stay in the Arctic Circle you’ll get the chance to hunt the Northern Lights atop a snowmobile. Join your safari guide out in the Arctic wilderness and see the unobstructed beautiful views of greens, blues and purples that people have written songs, stories and more about for decades. Once you’ve gotten your fill of the lights in the cold, step inside a cosy cabin and savour a warm meal.

2. Stay In The World’s Original Ice Hotel

Experience both the hot rooms and ice ART suites of the world’s first ice hotel that has been rebuilt every winter since 1990. The beautiful rooms make for a surreal place to stay, surrounded by ice and subdued lights, all lovingly created by artists from around the world. The ART room you’ll be staying in will only be available that winter! Come spring the room will melt and you will be one of the few to have experienced its splendour. Don’t worry about freezing, every room comes with an adjacent warm room for changing and the beds are lined with pelts and thermal sleeping bags to keep you nice and toasty.

3. Speed Along The Snowy Plains

Head out on a proper mini-expedition in the snow alongside sled dogs and reindeer for a tour of the surrounding area. The Ice Hotel is actually located in an area that normally has more sled dogs than humans! The tour will show you the natural beauty of the Arctic Circle so make sure to bring along a camera.

4. Get Steamy In A Traditional Sauna

Pamper yourself the traditional way! The sauna is a must up north, and that’s why no Arctic Experience is complete without a sauna ritual. Enjoy the heat of the sauna and relax in the heated outdoor baths surrounded by snow. For the braver souls, you can try out the traditional “ten steps” ritual, where you run out into the snow, or you can even try for a cooler dip before running back into the heat of the sauna. That’s sure to wake you up!

10 Chances To Win

So now you’ve discovered the third stop on CasinoEuro’s European Tour. All in all there will be 10 stops, 10 unique European experiences and 10 chances to win. You could be the lucky one to gaze in wonder at the beautiful Northern Lights and explore the Arctic wilderness when you play on CasinoEuro’s selected slots. Reach the top of the leaderboard and win the chance to stay in one of the greatest places in the world today! Where to next?

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