Which Slots Have the Highest RTP?

Being an online slot player will of course mean that you will always want to have the maximum winning opportunities no matter at which casino site or online bingo site you choose to play at, and one way of doing that is to pick out and play the highest RTP slots.

RTP simply means return to player, and it is a figure which a slot game is going to return to players a certain amount of their stakes over their long term play, and the higher the RTP of any slot game the better.

In regards to just which slots have the very highest of payout percentages then you will find some three reel slots can offer very high RTP’s whilst many video slot games do offer above average payout percentages.

The best paying slot games will always be those on which the payout percentage has been set higher than 96% and those are therefore the slot games you should be looking to play online. Anything less than 96% will mean you get much shorter slot playing session and you will, over time, lose more of your money much quicker, so always avoid those types of slots.

There are of course plenty of slot playing tips we can pass onto you that will enable you to get the highest possible RTP out of any slot game you play, and one thing that you should be looking to do is to always have all of the pay lines activated on slots offering an enhanced jackpot payout.

For those enhanced jackpots are usually only ever awarded to maximum bet players, so always make sure you read the pay tables of the slots you like to look of to see if you will benefit from the very highest payouts possible and any enhanced jackpot payouts too when playing for the highest possible staking option.

One of the best slots you can play online, not only due to its very high payout percentage but also its great bonus games which can award some large amounts of cash is the Tiki Island slot.

The main reason for us introducing you to that game is that is has a long term payout percentage of some 96.29% so that is certainly a high paying slot and one worth tracking down and playing online.

If you are wondering just how you can find out the exact payout percentage information of any online slot games, then there are a few different ways you can do just that. If you are playing at sites which operate using the Gamesys gaming and software platforms, then someone of those bingo and casino sites websites you will find a full list of every slot games RTP.

However, you will also find that information can also be found on the individual pay tables of each slot games of by clicking on the slot games help files that is also where the long term expected payout percentage information can be found.

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