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Bitcoin & Casino 30-03-2018

Wild Crypto A New Token For Online Casino?

Since the creation in 2009 of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, others, such as Lite and Ethereum have been quietly added. 2017 saw the launch of the latest, Wild Crypto, but this time, there is a significant difference. Where other cryptocurrencies are frequently used in any participating online casino, Wild has its own. Wild About e-Gambling As […]

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bitcoin poker
Bitcoin & Casino 22-03-2018

The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies in Online poker

In the recent years, cryptocurrency has been a mainstream alternative to state-issued currencies in the poker world. There has been an increasing number of standard poker sites accepting crypto transactions as well as devoted crypto pokers sites emerging. The use of cryptocurrencies wouldn’t have been possible without the existence of currency itself. Today, there are […]

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best cryptocurrencies to use for casino
Bitcoin & Casino 06-03-2018

Best Cryptocurrencies for Casino

If you haven’t been unconscious for the last few years, you probably know what a cryptocurrency is. Regarded as a digital asset, cryptocurrency forms a type of financial transaction made through cryptography across crypto wallets. The pioneer of decentralized cryptocurrencies was the Bitcoin(BTC) created in 2009. Since the introduction of BTC, other cryptocurrency alternatives have […]

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Bitcoin & Casino 03-10-2016

Dragon’s Tale – The Latest MMO Casino That Uses Bitcoin

Dragon’s Tale has given a new direction to the concept of casinos. It is not actually a regular casino with slot games, poker or table games dominating the screen. In fact, it has been tailored to offer an MMO experience to the players and enjoy the most unique games. Dragon’s Tale was launched in the year […]

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