Zuma Slot

Zuma Slot is by far and away one of the most popular games in the online slots circuit. While the majority of online slots games will be made to fit bright colours or a very simple format to help make sure people feel comfortable, Zuma Slots goes in the entirely other direction. it takes a loud and stylish Aztec style to the gaming world and creates an incredible powerful theme that is hard not to enjoy. It’s confident style and intelligent selections for symbols and bonuses makes it one of the most enjoyable games out there on the web at the moment.

It comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines, as well as a whole hoard of extra bonuses that you can unlock by doing the Zuma game itself and getting the right symbols appearing for you. The entire game is built around the idea of trying to get yourself some Tiki treasure, and if you are feeling brave enough then you can bet as much as £500 per shot. This is one of the highest risk games if you decide to go with it, but the rewards can be huge if you get the right set of luck that you were looking for.

This game is incredibly exciting to play not just for the fast pace and easy rules, or for the cool style, but for the incredibly lucrative bonus rounds. These bonus rounds have you going up against the Big Bad Tikki Bosses. While this might sound simple enough in theory, you are actually going to need to hit two of them one after another to get the full bonus that you are looking for. if you are able to hit both Tiki Bosses, then you will get yourself both free spins AND a multiplier – what more can you really ask for? These bonuses are extremely powerful if you manage to access them, with as much as 50 free spins available with multipliers of 5x on every game that you play within that period.

You can play Zuma Slot on many different online slots websites, as it’s one of the most popular games out there. It’s got brilliant history, a great theme, an easy to follow set of rules and bonuses and some of the most lucrative prizes out there for a keen gamer who is willing to really take the plunge and get the maximum rewards possible from Zuma Slot.