Soak Up True Italian Luxury In Modena


What do you think of when you hear “Italy”? We can’t help but think of good food and fast cars! Here’s your chance to experience the Italy of your dreams, all on CasinoEuro’s dime. The next stop on CasinoEuro’s European Tour is Modena. Home to the Ferrari and some of the best Northern Italian cuisine you’ll ever taste!

From the 5th to 14th of November, players will be competing against each other in in-game missions on the reels of selected CasinoEuro slots. All you have to do is to pick your favourite game and open it to see what mission you have to complete. A very special Modena Experience, the fifth stop on CasinoEuro’s European Tour will go to the player that reaches the top of the leaderboard! The trip to Modena includes a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati Tour, three nights in the beautiful Salotto delle Arti and best of all, some traditional fine dining, Northern Italy style!

Stuck on what to do in Modena? CasinoEuro has picked five of their favourite places among the terracotta rooftops and rolling hills that make for a great visit.

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Five Things To Do In Modena, Italy

1. Get a taste of Italy in Mercato Albinelli
Since the Middle Ages, markets and especially the Albinelli Market, have been at the centre of everything in Modena. Filling the air with scrumptious smells and spicing up the squares and streets of this historical city. Back in 1931 the “New Market” was set up, with stores replacing stalls, making this new market the heart of the city. Wander Mercato Albinelli and sample the traditional Modena and Bologna along the way.

2. Climb the steps of Torre Ghirlandina For Amazing Views
The 86.12 meter high tower is easily spotted from many different places in Modena and is just as worth the visit as the Cathedral of Modena, a true UNESCO World Heritage site, that the tower is attached to. Originally built in 1179, the tower is the tallest structure of the city, and is visible for miles around. Though it might seem like a daunting climb, the unobstructed views of Modena and the surrounding countryside from the top make it worth your while!

3. Sip on an espresso in Piazza Grande
When in Italy, you have to sip on a coffee or at least sit down to enjoy the sights in one of the many piazzas. These were, and are, the gathering places of people from all walks of life, and usually offer artists, food and more for that midday break away from trekking cobbled streets or shopping. In Modena, the biggest and most recognizable piazza is the Piazza Grande. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the heart of Modena and where most of the historic events in this old city took place, from executions to revolutions and markets, it’s like sipping coffee in an outdoor museum.

4. Feel the need for speed with the sport car factories
Modena might be a historical town from days long past, but there’s also a newer type of history to explore, namely motor history! With Modena being the birthplace of a certain Enzo Ferrari, it’s no surprise that the Ferrari museum can be found here as well. But there’s more than just Ferraris to see! Both the Maserati and Lamborghini factories and museums are also found in this same area. So you can really feel the need for speed.

5. Test your tenor skills in the footsteps of a legend
Another famous Italian who called Modena his birthplace was the world famous singer, Pavarotti! Perched in the beautiful rolling landscape of the Modenese countryside, you’ll find the legendary tenor’s final home. Opened to the public in 2015 as a small museum, you can now walk in the footsteps of this famous singer and even see his letters from other stars like Bono, Princess Di and Sinatra. Time to warm up those vocal chords.

More Than Just Italy

Are you tempted? That’s the fifth stop on CasinoEuro’s European Tour, which all in all offers 10 stops, 10 unique European experiences and 10 chances to win. You could be the one to sip espressos in the Piazza Grande or drool at some of the world’s best cars directly on the factory floor when you play on CasinoEuro’s selected slots. Time to hit those reels and see your casino missions. Where to next?

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