Slot Game Soundtracks Effects & Importance

reel spinning inside slot machine

We judge online slots based on gameplay, RTP, bonuses, jackpots, bet range and soundtracks. Yes – sound matters when it comes to slots.

There are thousands of online slots and they all come with their own specific soundtracks. Slots are a lot like movies, TV shows and video games meaning, they must be entertaining.

How does interesting music better your experience on slots?

Kills monotony

Playing on a silent slot can be as boring as it sounds. While some people prefer to play slots with the sound turned off, others leave the sounds on or listen to their own music.

One thing is for sure – music will kill monotony, whether you are playing for money or fun. Listening to music when playing slots will create an entertaining atmosphere, so you are never bored.

Reduce pressure and tension

Music can break or make an online slot.  Slot players are supposed to have fun with every spin. Before you are able to make money on slots, you must be able to have fun. Here is where the music comes in.

Playing online slots for money comes with tension and a high adrenaline rush.  The player is at the edge of the seat throughout the spin, waiting for the results. Playing music will help you relax and minimise the pressure of feeling like you must win.

What about slots themed on real-life music

The love for music and gambling are the perfect combination for some fun time. Play with your favourite musicians and listen to some of their best tracks when you play slots like Elvis the King, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Rockstar, Get Rocked, Rock the Boat, Rock On, Jimi Hendrix and Rock ‘n’ Roller. Yes – most music-themed slots lean more on rock and roll soundtracks but that is because R’n’B and blues might be too slow for the thrill of slots.

So, should the music be on or off when I am playing slots?

The sound is the key contributing factor on the effect of wins and losses on your games. Research indicates that playing with sound reinforces a positive attitude, even in losses. Studies on gambling behaviour show that music influences players’ preference and arousal.

Whether the music should be on or off depends on your taste for music. However, soundtracks will likely make you enjoy the game more, especially when you win.

On the downward side, music on slots can make you overestimate the number of times that you have won. To avoid this, always play your slots consciously. This means checking your account’s balance before a bet and after a spin.