Casino Guides 20-04-2018

Why Casinos’ Use of Blockchain Technology is Good for You

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. The blockchain is basically a digital ledger used for recording online cryptocurrency transactions. The transactions are usually recorded in a sequence and are made publicly available. This process and principle of blockchain technology can be applied to online casino gambling hence the rise of […]

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News 19-04-2018

IGT wins Lottery Product of the Year Award

IGT saw lots of success at the Annual International Gaming Awards, including winning the Lottery Product of the Year for their IGT PlaySpot Lottery. The new product is an interactive option that allows you to purchase and play lottery games on your mobile devices while at a lottery retailer. The awards are used to recognise the […]

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News 19-04-2018

Spring Cash Chase at Mr Smith

Players at Mr Smith Casino can now leap into spring! There’s an exciting £30,000 up for grabs in the Spring Cash Chase April 18th-25th. You can chase prizes at the Exclusive Blackjack, Exclusive Roulette and Lightning Roulette tables. There are two fantastic leaderboards, one for roulette and one for blackjack. Players have to play their […]

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Money symbol on keyboard
Casino Guides 18-04-2018

Cashout Made Easy

We know you value easy, fast and secure cash transactions when you play in an online casino, especially when it comes to the withdrawal of winnings. It is important for any player to know how to make withdrawals from online casinos, since it is among the most important features when it comes to online gambling. […]

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Casino Guides 17-04-2018

How Do Multipliers Work?

Multipliers are unique features within slot machines. They carry with them the ability to multiply the winnings by a preset figure. Though they are very common, not all slot machines have them. The main aim of the multipliers is to double, triple, or increase the wins by 100X or 1000X. Further, some of them might […]

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Casino Guides 16-04-2018

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive Jackpots are the biggest prizes casinos offer for different games. The prize of a jackpot is normally paid out to the player or divided among various players when the condition of winning is met. Each time a certain jackpot is played, the jackpot’s value increases because a specific preset percentage of each bet is […]

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Jack and the Beanstalk on mobile
News 13-04-2018

Top Mobile Friendly Slots

Before delving into the world of mobile slot games, it is important to understand what online slots are as a whole. Online slots have actually developed from their land-based counterparts, which saw players pulling levers to make reels spin and match symbols. The transition has seen the lever simply transform to a button that can […]

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biggest jackpot
News 12-04-2018

The Biggest Jackpot Wins Ever

If you need any inspiration for why you should be checking out some great online slots, perhaps learning a little about the biggest jackpot wins ever will go some way towards achieving this. Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular, and this is largely due to the emergence of online slots games. No matter which online […]

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starlight kiss
News 11-04-2018

Starlight Kiss Slot Game Review

If you are in the mood for love, you’ll find romance with Microgaming’s Starlight Kiss. The title says it all. You have all the ingredients here for a perfect love story: a damsel waiting for her man, the Romeo who wants nothing more in the world than his Juliet, and loads of chocolates and roses […]

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News 10-04-2018

Why Affiliates and Online Casinos Are a Match Made in Heaven

Who does not want a deluge of online traffic directed to their website or virtual casino? Ever since the evolution of the internet, almost everyone has been searching for the secret key that will unlock the limitless potential of the web; first came SEO, powered by the rise of Google, and then you had pay […]

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pied piper
News 09-04-2018

Quickspin Launches Pied Piper Slot

Quickspin is an innovative games studio based in Sweden and they are among the most popular providers of online casino games. Their most resent release is the Pied Piper slot. There is always something new coming from these experienced game developers and here we take a look at the latest Quickspin news. Quickspin Launches New […]

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offshore gambling license
Casino Guides 06-04-2018

How to Secure an Offshore Gambling License

In securing an offshore gambling license, there are a few aspects of the process that every online casino owner experiences, no matter where in the world they plan to operate. From choosing a region that is best suited to the needs of the casino owner to getting a business started to getting the casino license, […]

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