historic slot machine
News 23-01-2018

The Short History of Slot Machines

Slots, slot machines, slots games or one armed bandits are the most popular casino game that has ever been invented. Everyday, millions of players enjoy the game, both online and offline, in land-based casinos. When they were first introduced to the public there were only a few different games to choose from, but today there […]

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News 28-03-2017

Chartbuster Movies Inspire Online Slot Developers and the Results are Out There for All to See!

Standard slot games have their supporters and fans; however, slots have progressed and enlarged with time, similar to everything else. Numerous aspects have made an impact on slot games while manipulating them. A few most significant factors are technology, product modernization, competition, marketing, recent incidents and increasingly varied targeted viewers. Currently, game suppliers are continuously […]

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News 19-03-2017

Online Slots Dedicated to the Fighters

Fighting has constantly been an admired means of recreation, both for those engaged in it as well as for those standing away and observing it. With time, fighting has altered into numerous sports, each sport being more stunning than the previous one. Grateful for their recognition, these sports have made a gigantic impact on famous […]

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News 11-03-2017

The Collaboration Between Betsoft Gaming and Intertops

Betsoft Gaming, makers of the extremely famous Slots3 brand line, have publicized that they have signed a partnership contract with longstanding chief European operator Intertops. The conditions of the joint venture will permit Intertops to supply Betsoft’s entire catalogue of iGaming amusement, consisting of the Slots3 collection of pure 3D video slots as well as […]

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News 28-02-2017

Will the MGM Tie-Up Help Improve Borgata’s Online Fortunes?

There’s likely to be a new entrant in the online gambling industry in New Jersey, and this is excellent news for a sector that is relatively new. The takeover of Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino by MGM Resorts International will give the former’s online operations a shot in the arm. MGM is not a local brand […]

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News 18-02-2017

Is the Gambling Industry Ruining Bitcoin’s Reputation?

Bitcoin has hit all-time highs this year, with a whole lot of people electing to use the digital currency, and thereby taking its usage and price steadily upwards. There was a time, not too long ago, when only a few people knew about Bitcoin but the situation is quite different today. A major part of […]

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News 11-02-2017

Europe Leads the Way for Online Gambling and Betting Platforms

Online gambling and betting consists of a wide range of games including poker, casino games, sports betting and also lotteries including others. The industry offers these games via a digital environment and users can play them in real time using their PCs or increasingly, their mobile devices. The online gambling industry has expanded at a […]

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News 01-02-2017

Mobile Gambling Industry Expands With Better Smartphone Availability

Nobody would have said, 10 years ago that mobile gambling would be such an important part of the online gambling industry. There have been huge changes in the industry over the past decade or so, and it’s not just because of new gaming software. The mobile phone industry has also undergone a transformation over the […]

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