Online Slots Dedicated to the Fighters


Fighting has constantly been an admired means of recreation, both for those engaged in it as well as for those standing away and observing it. With time, fighting has altered into numerous sports, each sport being more stunning than the previous one. Grateful for their recognition, these sports have made a gigantic impact on famous culture.

The supreme athletes/fighters of the globe have turned into popular culture images, now memorized apart from just the punches they landed on their opponents within the ring. Furthermore, the athletes along with the sports they had participated in were given tribute in unpredictable ways and in unpredicted spaces. For instance, they were honoured in the form of slot machines.

Some of the slot machines that respected the top fighters are mentioned below:

Andre the Giant Slot

André René Roussimoff, better recognised by his ring name André the Giant, was quite really a terrific stature of wrestling. He was 7 feet 4 inches tall, with a weight of 520 lbs, which makes him one of the largest wrestlers of all times to place foot in the ring.

Similar to many other wrestlers, he was also featured in a few movies, the most unforgettable of them being The Princess Bride. He is dignified with a slot machine named Vegas Palms Slot. André the Giant slot machine is one of the majorly played games amid its category of games at the Vegas Palms by the slots admirers and equally by the wrestling fanatics.

The game’s audio and graphics are motivated by the wrestler’s resemblance and movements, displaying genuine pictures from the career of the wrestler and animated depictions of items in the region of the ring to the players. It is an entertaining game to play, ideal for the wrestling fans to relive the era of the biggest wrestler of all times and also for the players who desires to explore unusual games. This game can be played for free at

King of the Cage Slot

King of the Cage is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) endorsement initiated over a decade back. It has gained undivided fame both in US and other countries, which made it the ideal encouragement for starting up a slot machine. This game has given a successful career to many stars such as Forrest Griffin, Ronda Rousey, Krazy Horse and Rashad Evans.

A few years before, in an attempt to build its product identified in other regions, King of the Cage collaborated with casino game developer Next Gaming, to generate the first ever MMA-themed video slot machine. This game is at present only accessible in the physical casinos of US; however, it will definitely locate its way to the other countries where MMA is a trending and famous sport.

Rocky Slot

Even though Rocky Balboa is a mythical fighter, brought to existence by the famous actor Sylvester Stallone, his personality is featured upon the real-life athlete Chuck Wepner. Rocky has exclusive features and symbols. The motive of the game is to match similar symbols across your dynamic pay lines as you play on.

Chuck was a strong fighter, a tough expert, possibly best recognized for his title clash in opposition to Muhammad Ali in 1975. Being a former marine, Wepner beat Ali in the ninth round but was afterward downcasted by the renowned boxer in the 15th round, defeated in the wrestle by a technical KO.

However, his fans are offering tribute to his career circuitously, with the movie Rocky and the successive games which are based on him, also taking account of a famous slot machine; all are a service to Wepner’s brilliant skills.

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