NetEnt is going to adopt a new famous character into their online slot collection

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Good news casino pundits – NetEnt will be releasing a new character to its online slots after they secured rights to create their own adaptation of Conan.

Conan the Cimmerian, famously known as Conan the Barbarian is a fibs sorcery and sword hero, originally from the pulp fiction magazines. He is also known as Conan the Destroyer.

 The mythical hero has been a subject of entertainment in books, films, comics and video and board games. 

Conan is a black-haired, giant man with ‘sullen’ and volcanic blue eyes and a square-cut beard. He is a witty and savage thief – sword always in hand, who is known to crash the jewelled thrones of the earth under his feet.

Conan will be a great addition to the already impressive range of games at NetEnt. The giant company has already couped other exclusive licenses including; Jimi Hendrix, Vikings, Narcos, Plant of the Apes, Motorhead and Guns n’ Roses.

“Conan is a character and a brand with a phenomenal history…legions of fans all over the globe. We are discharged to be creating our own adaptation of Conan…we can’t wait to give home the hallmark NetEnt treatment.” – Bryan Upton, Director of Games, NetEnt

Some fun facts about Conan the Barbarian

1.   Before Robert E. Howard wrote about Conan, he created ‘Kull the Conqueror’ a more savage version of Conan.

2.   Conan fights in the name of Crom, the mythical god of Hyborian age.

3.   Conan was a thief and a youthful adventurer before he was king.

4.   Howard died at the age of 30, having not completed all adventured of Conan. Publishers then printed other Howard drafts as Conan’s adventures.

5.   Frank Frazetta’s paintings of Conan sell for over seven figures. Frazetta was so impressed by the adventures of Conan. He always said, ‘my only regret is that I wish Robert E. Howard were alive so I can see what he will do with his character.’

6.   The original screenplay for 1982’s Conan the Barbarian film was four-hours long and set in a post-apocalyptic world.

7.   Former president of the United States, Barack Obama, has expressed Conan as his best action figure.

8.   Conan’s first appearance was in the book, Weird Tales by Robert E. Howard.

9.   Famous actor Arnold Schwarzeneggerplayed Conan in the 1982 film, Conan the Barbarian.

10.    Although Conan’s adventures mostly result in him performing heroic acts, he is largely motivated by his own survival and personal gain.

11.    Most of Conan’s adventures involve him rescuing beautiful women ‘damsels in distress.’

12.    Conan has been involved with four different pirate kinships, two different seas and three different gangs of thieves.

13.    Conan is a huge and muscular man but he is as fast as a black panther.

14.   Conan descends from the Atlanteans, the people of Atlantis. The city of Atlantis is said to have mysteriously disappeared under water but no people were found.

15.   Conan knew how to speak a wide range of languages and even decipher codes and symbols.

There you have it… this is the hero you will be experiencing on NetEnt very soon.

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