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Casino Guides 20-03-2018

Match Bonus: The Full Guide

In casino gaming, the match bonus is a reward, casino bonus, offered by the casino when a player deposits or wagers. The amount of casino bonus rewarded is usually worth the player`s deposit or wager. The match deposit bonus is popular in both online casinos and in online sports betting and is commonly awarded as […]

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no deposit bonus
Casino Guides 14-03-2018

How No Deposit Bonuses work

There are countless casinos to select from while more are popping up in the industry each year. This makes it hard for the players to decide when selecting the best among the online casinos. There are plenty of factors players can use to make their ultimate decision and the quality of promotions and bonuses offered […]

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classic slots
Casino Guides 09-03-2018

The Classic Slots

The phrase Classic slots has varied meanings. The traditional slot games that were based on mechanical actions are referred to as the classic games. The phrase also describes the modern games that are designed to look similar to the traditional classic machines. Generally, the classic slots are slot games that have three spinning reels with […]

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reel spinning inside slot machine
Casino Guides 07-03-2018

Reel Slots Explained

Slot machines began as a betting game for entertainment with minimal stakes and modest rewards. Most these slots were mechanical devices consisting of three reels. However, these days slot machines have been overhauled into multi-reel and multi-line electronic devices controlled by the computer. Modern slots have bigger bonuses and have plenty of payouts and Progressive […]

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What is wagering?
Casino Guides 05-03-2018

What is Wagering?

The short definition for Wagering is simply another word for betting. A wager is any amount of money or in some rare situations, an item or service, which the bettor stakes on the possible outcome. This can be either against another player or against the house and sometimes both. The wager/bet can be placed on […]

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change your gambling habits
Casino Guides 01-03-2018

Gambling the Healthy Way

There are people who can gamble without letting it become a problem, but to may, it gradually becomes an addiction. The urge to gamble is usually overwhelming and when it gets to the point of problem gambling, one begins to indulge in negative activities. Most problem gamblers would start telling lies, misuse money, steal and […]

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top 5 slots with rtp
Casino Guides 22-02-2018

Top 5 Slots With the Best Payouts

Quick list Game Provider RTP Review Monopoly big events Barcrest 99% Read more Mega Joker NetNet 99% Read more 1429 Uncharted Seas Thunderkick 98.60% Read more Blood suckers 2 NetNet 98% Read more Kings of Chicago NetNet 97.80% Read more The best chances of winning at any casino rely on a lot of factors and […]

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slot machine symbols
Casino Guides 19-02-2018

Slot Symbols – What Do They Mean?

Slots are relatively simple games to play but there are a number of different aspects that are important to understand before beginning play. The main aspects to know about are the different symbols. Some games have more, others have less, but it is nevertheless very important for players to know what each of the symbols […]

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casino terminology, jack pots, casino royal, poker club
Casino Guides 14-02-2018

Casino Terminology for Beginners

It would be hard for a beginner to be a super gambler without the knowledge of the casino terminology. This text makes a casino dictionary that covers some of the basic terminologies beginners need to know before mastering the art of gambling. The casino dictionary lists the casino terminology in alphabetical order as follows: A […]

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online casino payments
Casino Guides 13-02-2018

Top Online Casino Payment Methods

Most of the avid gamblers have transitioned while others are still struggling to transition from the brick and mortar casinos to the online gambling platforms. When a gambler decides to get into online gambling, they would probably want the best online casino. The best means that there have to be a lot of enticing stuff […]

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mobile casino app
Casino Guides 09-02-2018

Mobile Casino Apps: Cashing in on the Application

The casino industry has always been one of the first to respond to technological advances, trying to keep at the forefront and offer users newer and better products. With the competition in the field, it’s easy to understand why, and the consumer gets the benefit. First there was the early days of online casinos, when […]

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slot paylines
Casino Guides 04-02-2018

Slot Paylines

Slot Paylines are the horizontal lines, which start from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. The winning combinations have to line up along these lines for the player to win the slots game. The Modern Slot Machines vs the Mechanical Slot Machines. The traditional fruit machines and the one-armed bandits featured three reels with […]

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