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Flowers Slot Symbols
Casino Guides 22-05-2018

Best Flower-themed Slots

Celebrate spring with the best flower slots out there. Think colourful butterflies, buzzing bees, compelling nature-themed sounds and a vibrant gameplay. Now, you can take lively-looking trees and brightly coloured flowers of springtime with you, anywhere you want as long as there’s an internet connection. Here are some of the best online slots with flowers. […]

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taboo slot bonus feature
Casino Guides 21-05-2018

Taboo Slot Game Review

Turn on your slot gaming and allow yourself to enjoy Taboo, a really hot slot from Endorphina Gaming . While all online slots are limited to adults only, Taboo is extra naughty, with its BDSM theme. It is not that seriously naughty though and in fact, you can relate it to 50 Shades of Grey books […]

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spinning slot reel and coins
Casino Guides 14-05-2018

Re-Spins Explained

Slots are fun, but players do not have total power to control the spin’s outcome. Here is where re-spins come in to save the day for all slot fanatics. Isn’t it sad to watch your mega jackpot slide between your fingers, just because you landed one wrong symbol? Fortunately, casino operators like Betsafe, Betsson and […]

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wild symbol on slot
Casino Guides 09-05-2018

What Are Wild Symbols And How Do They Work?

Oh, what would slot lovers do without the excitement, wins and fun that comes with Wild Symbols for slots? Even when you think you are having a bad day at your slots, Wilds will come in and brighten up the day for you. These can help you win by replacing other symbols hence forming winning […]

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bonus and presents
Casino Guides 03-05-2018

What is a Sticky Bonus?

Over the recent years, casino bonuses have been changing in structure. Most of the online bonuses were called ‘Cashable Bonuses’. This meant that once you had met the bonus play-through, you were able to receive the bonus in your casino account. However, the bonuses that are common today are the ‘sticky’ bonuses or phantom bonus. […]

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scatters in slot
Casino Guides 02-05-2018

Scatter Symbols – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Among the most vital things in gambling or gaming is to understand the rules and regulations before doing anything. This is to ensure that you maximize on the advantages available, and in this case, the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols are known to be among the most loved offers. In today’s online slot machines, there are […]

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Blockchain Technology e1522240752926
Casino Guides 20-04-2018

Why Casinos’ Use of Blockchain Technology is Good for You

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. The blockchain is basically a digital ledger used for recording online cryptocurrency transactions. The transactions are usually recorded in a sequence and are made publicly available. This process and principle of blockchain technology can be applied to online casino gambling hence the rise of […]

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Money symbol on keyboard
Casino Guides 18-04-2018

Cashout Made Easy

We know you value easy, fast and secure cash transactions when you play in an online casino, especially when it comes to the withdrawal of winnings. It is important for any player to know how to make withdrawals from online casinos, since it is among the most important features when it comes to online gambling. […]

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Wheel of fortune e1521627939493
Casino Guides 17-04-2018

How Do Multipliers Work?

Multipliers are unique features within slot machines. They carry with them the ability to multiply the winnings by a preset figure. Though they are very common, not all slot machines have them. The main aim of the multipliers is to double, triple, or increase the wins by 100X or 1000X. Further, some of them might […]

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Payout table in slot e1521626668454
Casino Guides 16-04-2018

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive Jackpots are the biggest prizes casinos offer for different games. The prize of a jackpot is normally paid out to the player or divided among various players when the condition of winning is met. Each time a certain jackpot is played, the jackpot’s value increases because a specific preset percentage of each bet is […]

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offshore gambling license
Casino Guides 06-04-2018

How to Secure an Offshore Gambling License

In securing an offshore gambling license, there are a few aspects of the process that every online casino owner experiences, no matter where in the world they plan to operate. From choosing a region that is best suited to the needs of the casino owner to getting a business started to getting the casino license, […]

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video slots
Casino Guides 27-03-2018

Video Slots

Video Slots are gaming machines with a principle similar to that of the common slot machine. These slots are played the same way traditional classic slot machines are played and with the same goal of winning cash as you have fun. The difference these machines have is that they are virtual, on-screen graphical representation of […]

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