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jackpot win
Casino Guides 27-06-2018

What Would You Do With A Jackpot Win?

Dreaming of that big jackpot bet win? Fantasizing about all the great things you would do if you won? And yet again- what would you do to win an online slot jackpot? It is not every day that we get a chance to win thousands and even millions of cash. So, when you see a […]

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the word casino
Casino Guides 21-06-2018

What Does the Word “Casino” Mean

A casino is where you go when you want to meet new people, play exciting games, and gamble. ā€“But where did the word casino originate? History has revealed India, Egypt, and China as major players in gambling history. However, the actual roots of gambling are quite mysterious. No one knows for sure, when and where […]

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lucky number 7
Casino Guides 20-06-2018

The Magic of Lucky Number 7

So, what is so fantastical about the lucky number 7? And is the magic also found on slots with 7 as a symbol? Note that there are seven continents, seven seas, seven colours of the rainbow, seven wonders of the world and seven notes on the musical scale. The mystery does not end there, many […]

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Casino Guides 11-06-2018

Space Slots – An Out of This World Experience

Playing space slots is an incredible experience, full of impressive sci-fi images, advanced spaceships, cosmic wars and a gameplay to make you feel like an astronaut.Ā Transit yourself into the world of aliens, where battles are fought among the stars, the moon and the planets. If you are into brightly coloured space-themed slots, here are some […]

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Casino Guides 07-06-2018

The Mask Slot Review

The Mask is one of the funniest movies of all time. Who can forget the green face, red gums, elastic body and that wicked smile of Jim Carrey ? Now, you can mischievously grin and stretch your hands all the way to the bank with The Mask Slot from NextGen. Get a chance to be […]

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summer-themed slots
Casino Guides 06-06-2018

Celebrate Summer With Summer-Themed Slots

Beaches, blue waters and dazzling sun. Summer is here – let’s celebrate with some fabulous summer-themed slots! There’s a lot of summery slot games that are guaranteed to put you in the right mood for summer. And who knows, you might spin your way to some extra holiday spending money. We’re taking a closer look […]

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Casino Guides 05-06-2018

What Are Online Slots Tournaments?

Online slots tournamentsĀ  make slot games even more thrilling and add a competitive edge to the game. If you are after extra gaming fun and a challenge, then slot tournaments are an excellent place to start. Participating in slot tournaments is not only fun but also provide an opportunity to lay yourĀ  hands on spectacular […]

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Casino Guides 04-06-2018

Online Casino VIP Programmes

With such high competition in the gaming industry, online casino operators must get innovative to reward their most loyal players. Casino VIP programmes offer you awards and more chances of winning for being a returning player. All the best online casinos offer some sort of VIP treatment to their most valuable players. What is a […]

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Casino Guides 31-05-2018

Why Are Online Slots So Fun To Play?

The thrill of wilds bouncing on reels, distinctively designed graphics, both fiction and real-life characters and amazing music is what makes us love online slots. The sound of wins and symbols aligning in your favour is hard to turn away from. Video slots are increasingly becoming popular and it is for a reason. Make sure […]

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weird slot machine gun unicorn
Casino Guides 28-05-2018

The Weirdest OnlineĀ Slots Around

All online slots are unique in their own way, whether based on nature, fantasy, real-life people, events and arts. However, there is another class of video slots, with a whole lot of weirdness. We take a look at some of the weirdest slots around. Weirdo warning! Most of these slots have normal RTPs, min and […]

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exclusive slots offer
Casino Guides 24-05-2018

Exclusive Slot Games You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Fairly speaking, it is possible to migrate from one casino to another, only to find more or less the exact same selection of games. The slot game selection is usually similar because casinos do not make the games themselves. Casinos buy games from software providers like Microgaming, IGT, Playtech and others. However, some major casinos […]

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random numbers on red background
Casino Guides 23-05-2018

Are Slots Really Random? Understanding RNGs

Imagining winning one of the many progressive jackpots offered on slots can be mind-boggling. Slots attract millions of players every year on both land-based and online casinos. However, you should keep in mind that winning on slots depends on luck. The outcome of each spin is entirely random and is regulated by programmes known as […]

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