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Casino Guides 28-09-2018

Ways You Could Make Money in the Autumn From Online Casinos

Make a few extra coins from home or any location you like with online casinos. Learn how to choose an online casino, gaming strategies and money management. You could also double and be an affiliate too. How to earn money with online casinos? That is the first thing players should ask before they invest their real […]

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credit card
Casino Guides 26-09-2018

Online Casino Payments with Credit Card

For many players the thrill of betting online is that you can win money playing casino games from the comfort of your own home. If you like playing at online casinos and you want to be in with a chance of making real winnings, you have to play for real money, rather than play in […]

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Casino Guides 23-09-2018

What Slot To Play Before or During a Night at the Bar

If you are looking for a fun night, just before going out on a Friday, we have the answer. Here are slots games to play before or as a substitute for a night out. So, your friends have all gone out for the night and you are wondering what to do, now that you are […]

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Casino Guides 27-08-2018

The Best Interactive Bonus Games for Online Slots

Sometimes, you could get away with instant wins and others it is Free Spins.  These are just a few of the gifts and prizes you could receive for playing bonus games in your online slot. You could even win special access to certain games. Devils Delight Slot – Soul Reaper Bonus Game The suit-wearing Satan […]

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Why Your Online Casino Requires Your Identification Proof
Casino Guides 21-08-2018

Why Your Online Casino Requires Your Identification Proof

Are you required to submit proof of identification by your favourite online casino? Do not panic, this is normal and in fact, good for you. There are many online casino operators and players today. Casinos want to serve all their customers without ruining their reputation while players want a fair and secure gambling platform. If […]

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best jungle themed slots
Casino Guides 01-08-2018

Jungle Themed Slots for Huge Payouts and Exotic Adventures

It’s time to treat yourself to lush green landscapes. Now, you do not have to go camping to enjoy the jungle. Online slots have everything; from rich green vegetation to buzzing insects, the sound of bubbly rivers, swaying trees and wild animals. Experience adventures, exotic animals and discover treasures in our list of best jungle […]

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video poker
Casino Guides 26-07-2018

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is computerized version of draw poker. In the game the players try to attain specific poker hand combinations. Video poker requires no attention with other players or a dealer hence making it easy to operate. The card combinations are controlled by the random-number generator. Video poker generally offers some of the top odds […]

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scratch cards
Casino Guides 13-07-2018

Online Scratch Cards – Quick And Easy Fun

Online scratch cards are the ultimate games of luck. There is usually no perfect strategy but it is believed that luck plays a huge role in the results? Knowing gamblers and superstition, scratch cards have been the subject of luck ritual for years. What is your ‘good luck’ ritual right before a scratch card game? […]

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Casino Guides 10-07-2018

Superstition Among Gamblers

Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people in the planet. Although how superstition works varies from player to player, one thing’s for sure. The myths and misconceptions of gambling can be wildly hilarious. Superstition Is Not To Play With What is your gambling superstition? What are some of the things that you must do […]

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famous gamblers
Casino Guides 09-07-2018

Famous Gamblers We Can Never Forget

The gambling industry has seen the craziest, strangest and most emotional events and players. The casino world has existed for decades now, during which it has accumulated millions of players. This has only created room for famous characters, players and outrageous events. Here are some of the most famous gamblers of all time. When You […]

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history of online casinos
Casino Guides 06-07-2018

The History Of Online Casinos

The history of online casinos is a rather recent one. Thanks to advancements in technology, all you need is power and a stable internet connection to enjoy gambling in online casinos. However, the world of casinos has always rocked with controversies. Since its early days, casinos were one of the most scandalous places in cities. […]

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gambler's fallacy
Casino Guides 05-07-2018

What Is Gambler’s Fallacy?

Gambler’s Fallacy, popularly known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy happens when you believe that the outcome of the next random event depends on the previous ones. The theory of the Monte Carlo Fallacy is an inaccurate representation of probability. How The Gambler’s Fallacy Works Let’s take an example: Assuming you flip 20 coins and they all […]

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