Shifting Reels

You are always going to be learning new things when you play any of the very latest slot game releases, for most brand new slots will come with all manner of new bonus games and playing structure that you will never have come across before!

Take for example the Robin Hood slot game, this is a multi-stake video slot from NetEnt, and what makes it very unique is that it is a slot with shifting reels. How that base game bonus features works and plays off is quite exciting and is a way for you to pick up some very high valued winning payout once the reels start to shift.

When you are playing off any single base game spin on this slot what you will notice is that as soon as you have spun in one winning combination on any of your activated pay lines the reels will then move across the screen.

Once they have shifted across the screen the next spin you will play off have an increased multiplier in play for that spin and as such any additional winning combinations that are formed from the spin will be boosted in value by that multiplier.

However, by you then forming another winning combination the shifting reels feature will then be activated on the next spin and the multiplier value will grow in size again for the very next spin. As long as you keep on forming winning combinations the shifting reels feature will be awarded to you.

Three or more winning combinations on the trot from the shifting reels bonus feature will see the multipliers in play grow in size of x5 and that multiplier will remind at x5 until no new winning combinations are formed at which point the shifting reels feature will then end.

Scatter Symbol

One of the most unique reel symbols that you are going to find attached to many video slot games are what are known as scatter symbols.

Those symbols are unique as instead of you having spin in a certain number of them on a payline you have activated from left to right across the screen beginning from the first reel, which is the case with most other reel symbols you simply need to get a certain number of them spinning in.

However, what you will tend to find is that some slot games have scatter symbols which will award just a cash payout when you spin in a certain number of scatter symbols, whilst some slot games will award a bonus game when you spin in the required number of scatter symbols anywhere in view on the screen.

In fact, quite a large number of video slots now offer both a cash payout and a bonus game when you have enough scatter symbols appearing from any one single base game spin. The main attraction for players of playing a slot with scatter symbols is that you can play any number of paylines and still have the same chance of triggering a bonus game for example via those symbols as a max payline slot player has.

One interesting aspect of playing any slot which does come with scatter symbols is that the cash payouts some of those symbols ward to players are going to be a multiple of the amount you stakes on the base game. The more scatter symbols that you spin in the higher in value that multiplier will become.

You will find some slots games can offer players spinning in all five scatter symbols a payout worth up to 500 times the amount hey wagered don’t eh base game spin all five of those symbols spun in on, and those scatter symbols award more than the jackpot symbols do!


You may find that you are playing a slot with a re-spins feature, and if so that is going to be a slot game that at some point in your playing session you will trigger the respin feature on which you are then going to be awarded with a set number of respin on which additional winning combinations can be formed.

There are numerous different slots offering such a feature, but one which we think you will find very appealing is the Attraction slot which is a video slot designed by NetEnt and as such it is a slot you can access and play for free or real money as a casino site using their instant play gaming platform.

The way in which that slot awards a respin is a little unusual for when you play off each base game spin a special Magnet animation will suddenly appear at the side or at the top or bottom of the slot game screen.

When you then have played off that base game spin if you have a wild symbol spinning in opposite the magnet then that reel symbols is going to become locked onto the screen and you will then be awarded with a respin.

The aim of any respin feature is for you to form additional winning combination once the respin has been played off and if you do the winnings from that winning combination are of course awarded to you.

However, why we think you will enjoy playing the Attraction slot game is that during the respin two magnets become in play on the screen and by you then spinning in another wild symbols opposite the magnets you are awarded with another respin, and the respins only stop playing off when you no long spin in any additional wild symbols!

Rapid Jackpot

The sheer size at which some progressive jackpots can grow to can amaze you, in fact it is perfect feasible if not extremely rare, that when playing a progressives slot game online you could end up winning a jackpot that will turn you into a multi millionaire!

However, there are several things that any slot player does need to be aware of when playing any slot game offering a progressive jackpot or a series of progressive jackpots, and that is a proportion of the stake you are playing for are going to be feeding the jackpot pool or pools.

That means that the base game payout percentage on most progressive jackpot awarding slots, when you take out of the equation the progressive jackpot element of the game are set quite low, and as such you are more likely to lose your bankroll much quicker when playing those types of slots!

However, you are going to some across a slot offering a rapid fire jackpot payout in additional to a set of other different sized progressive jackpots when playing at casinos sites offering the NetEnt range of slot games, and that slot is their Cosmic Fortune slot.

A Rapid Fire jackpot is one that is won very, very regularly and as such when playing such a slot you have a good chance of being awarded with that jackpot when you play it regularly.

Also you will find rapid fire jackpots can be awarded to players completely at random too, so you can win one of them on any base game spin you play off which does add another level of excitement to play those types of slots online.

If you are interested in playing a slot on which a random jackpot or rapid fire jackpot can be awarded to you, then the best ones to pick out to play are those on which every player has the chance of winning those jackpots no matter at what stake levels they are playing for.

So avoiding playing slots which force you to play for maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning such a jackpot and stick to those that award there jackpots to players playing for any stake level!

Random Wild

The days of when the only way for you to have a wild symbols appearing on any of the paylines you have chosen to put into play on a slot have long gone! For you will have plenty of different types of slot games available to you online which can randomly add wild symbols onto the reels either during the base game for via some form of bonus game.

There are several slots available online at various different casinos sites that will have some form of randomly award bonus game, which is usually triggered as soon as you click on the spin button to send a base game spin into live play.

Those bonus games will then see one to five of the reels becoming completely filled with wild symbols, and as such it will be possible for you to get a screen full of wild symbols spinning in on those slots during the bonus game.

However there are other ways that wild symbols can be attached to the reels of some slot games you are playing, and one slot that offers random wild symbols is the Lights slot game found in sites utilizing the NetEnt range of slots.

When you are playing the Lights slot game soon every single base game spin you are going to find wild symbols floating around the screen as the reels are spinning, and 2 to 4 of those wild symbols will suddenly attach themselves to random reel positions at the end of the spin.

What makes that slot a very appealing one to players is that when you trigger the free spins bonus round the number of random wild symbols that will be guaranteed to appear on the in view reels increases, and as such you will find on ever single free spin played off between 3 and 6 random wild symbols will be added to the reels.

100,000 Pyramid Slot

Good amount of payout and cash can be yours through the game called 100,000 Pyramid Slot. This game is conquering the gaming world today. Many people get attracted to this game because of the cash rewards that it promises.

If you are one of those people who are fond of playing online casino games, you can try this 100,000 Pyramid Slot Game. This game has 5 reels and many paylines, up to 15 paylines. With 5 reels, you got more chance of winning. This 100,000 Pyramid Slot can make you rich, especially if you make use of great techniques and one-of-a-kind strategies. You should start looking for information about this game today, so that you will be on your way to becoming a millionaire. This game us very easy, all you need to learn is the basics. You can play this immediately online.

One of the most sought for bonus game in this 100,000 Pyramid Slot game is the Winner’s Circle Bonus. Through this bonus symbol, you can have 3 or more reels. Just imagine the chances that you will have if you will achieve this bonus round. This bonus round is really advantageous to have because through this, you can make more spins. This is done through the so-called bonus multiplier. This will help you to increase your chances and your winnings as well.

It is good to know that free spins are possible in this game. This means that you don’t need a lot of money just to play this pyramid slot. Even with a minimal amount of money, you can already have a chance to be a millionaire. All you have to do is to play it well to hit the jackpot. Once you did this, you cannot believe the great amount that you will get. You will say to yourself that you are really lucky.

This game is introduced to the gaming industry by IGT, a popular game developer company. This is also the company that is behind some online casinos available in the internet. This is a trusted company so the games are assured to function well and give fair chance of winning to the users.

If you are becoming more interested on this game, check out the pay table that this 100,000 Pyramid Slot game has to offer. Through this, you will know how much you need to play a good game and an estimate of the winnings that you can potentially earn.

This 100,000 Pyramid Slot is a modern game that you can look online. Since it is modern, you can expect that the graphics as well as the sounds are of high standard. The graphics will appear clearly and with vivid colors, and the sounds will never annoy you.

If you are a newbie in playing slot games, this game is for you. And, if you are an expert, this game is also for you too. Both newbies and experts will have fun with this 100,000 Pyramid Slots.

Rocky Slot

Overview Of The Rocky Slot Machine: Can You Hit It Down?

Type Of Slot Machine: Multi-Coin, Multi-Denominations, Multiline, Skill Stop Feature, Multipliers, Free Spin Bonus Round, Rocky Knockout Bonus Feature, Rocky Bonus Feature, Rocky Gamble Feature, Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine Game
Software: Playtech
Platform: Downloadable and Instant Play
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Max Coins Per Line: 10
Bet Range Per Payline: 0.01 – 5.00
Denominations: USD, EUR, and GBP
Auto Spin: Yes
Jackpot: 10,000 Coins, 2nd Highest payout 1,000 Coins

Are you a die-hard fan of Rocky Balboa or do you adore seeing him in the arena kicking off his rivals? To be more precise, are you a Stallone-freak? If you fancy Sylvester Stallone, being oozed with the charms and power of Rocky Balboa, then Playtech has good news for your guys. Playtech has created the opportunity for you to enter the arena with the Superstar Rocky and kick off the rivals hitting big rewards. Yes, you got me right! When the name of Playtech is mentioned, then what we are speaking of is a slot machine game and that is none other than the action packed, boxing themed slot machine game Rocky.

Rocky slot machine game brings you the lively feelings of the heart throbbing and bone chilling boxing matches between Rocky Balboa and his strong, monstrous competitors. Playtech always has kept in mind about the expectations of its fans and undoubtedly delivered some of the most fascinating slot machines games that the casino world has ever seen. Keeping about these expectations of the fans across in mind, Playtech has implied original character images of the stars in the Rocky slot machine game, rather than using animated character pictures.

Here in the Rocky Slot game, you could find Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, the boxer Clubber Lang along with Rocky’s wife Adrian as well as his best Pal, Paulie, besides many more distinct symbols. Rocky slot game is a 5 Reel video slot game having 25 pay lines, offering the maximum jackpot payout of 10,000 credits that make it a real decent game to play over. All symbols in the game makes payouts for winning combinations from left to the right reels in sequence, excluding the Scatters paying in any sequence. Based on the 70’s & the 80’s epic movie series of Rocky Balboa, this game is sure to grab your mind and drive you off crazy.

Coin sizes:

Coin sizes in the Rocky slot machine game are of distinct sizes and come with several denominations. The minimum coin denomination in the game is $0.01 and the maximum denomination is $5 for each line wager and players could choose to select between 1 to the maximum of 10 wagers for a single pay line enabled. Hence, the minimum wager value is $0.01 and the maximum value is $1250 for every single wheel spin. However, the maximum amount offered in the game is a massive 10,000 coins. Players could toggle between the different coin values by clicking on the + or – symbol under the display of Line Bet. Moreover, selecting the option ‘Bet Max’ will enable all 25 wager lines and place the maximum wager values on each of the enabled wager lines at once. Any kind of malfunctioning in the game causes the elimination of both the playing and paying that makes it a secure online slot machine game to play.

Wild Symbols:

The Wild symbol in the Rocky slot machine game is the Rocky Symbol that could replace any other symbols, except the scatters to make winning combos for the players, provided multiple numbers of Rocky symbols show up on a specific enabled wager line. If a players happens to win over multiple combinations, the highest winning stake on a particular wager line is paid out.

Scatter Symbols:

The Scatter symbols in the game are the White boxing gloves, red boxing gloves pair and the Rocky Italian Stallone symbol that could show up any place on the 5 reels to make winning combos for the players. However, to make the winning combos, a couple or more numbers of scatters must show up on the screen.

Three or multiple numbers of Rocky Italian Stallone scatter could trigger on the Free Spin Bonus game to maximize winning chances. If a player happens to have simultaneously amassed White glove pair on the 1st Reel and Red Gloves on the 5th screen, the Knockout Bonus Game Feature is initiated. However, the Red and White boxing gloves pair do not entitle the players for any cash rewards, but enlist their entry to the amazing Knockout Bonus game.

Rocky Bonus Game:

If you happen to amass the R,O,C,K,Y symbols in a consecutive sequence from left to the right reels anywhere on the 5 reels, ultimately spelling ROCKY, then the Rocky Bonus game is triggered on, where you winning stakes could maximize up to X5 times.

Free Spin Round:

The Free spin feature is triggered on when there are three or multiple numbers of scatters on the reels, where a player could procure up to the maximum number of 25 free spins. Furthermore, whilst the free spin round where the player could amass 10, 15 or 25 free spins, all the winning combos of the game are doubled. All winnings are added to the original winning stake of the player.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

Jack and the Beanstalk is one fairytale themed slot created by Net Entertainment. This slot consists of 20 pay lines and five reels. This means that it gives all players multiple chances to form winning combinations.

An additional pay line is enabled for each coin that you put in. After the reels stop spinning, the game screen will be automatically checked to see if any winning combinations have been formed. If luck is on your side, then you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Jack and the Beanstalk has superior video and sound quality, which makes the gaming experience incredibly appealing.

Playing Jack and the Beanstalk Slot!

The large jackpot amount that this game offers is 600,000 credits for each bet placed.

The denominations start from 0.01 and goes up till 0.50 for each line bet. A player can bet a maximum of10 coins for each pay line.

The minimum and the maximum wager amount is 0.01 and 100.00 for every spin respectively. Each line bet in the regular version of Jack and the Beanstalk offers a maximum payout of 1,000 credits. The RTP of this game is 96.3% and the predetermined pay table decides the payouts

Magic Beans-The Scatter Symbol!

The symbol of Magic Beans acts as the scatter symbol in this slot. This means that this symbol can appear scattered anywhere on the reels.

The scatter symbol can only complete the combinations necessary to win when more than three Magic Beans appear scattered. Similarly, this can also active the free spins bonus round.

However, you need to keep in mind that Magic Beans don’t award you any winnings. It only permits you to enter the free spins round!

Jack and the Beanstalk Logo-The Wild Symbol!

Jack and the Beanstalk logo represents the wild symbol in this slot. This means that it can act as a substitute to completing winning combinations. A bonus that can be used to get extra free spins can be found at

However, this symbol cannot act as an alternative for the symbol of the Key in the free spins bonus feature.

A special feature called Walking Wild Feature gets activated provided Jack and the Beanstalk logo appears. If a player scores multiple winning combinations along a single pay line, only the highest combination gets paid.

The Special Feature of Jack and the Beanstalk Slot!

The player gets awarded a re-spin when the wild symbol appears on reels one to five. The wild symbol shifts one reel leftward during a re-spin, which increases the chances of winning.

As long as the wild symbol is there, re-spin will continue. The wins that are scored with the wild symbol gets tripled and the special feature called Walking Wild can appear in both the main game and in the free spins bonus round.

The Stacked Symbols of Jack and the Beanstalk Slot!

In this slot game, all the symbols can appear as stacks on all the reels. The combinations of stacked symbols are made up if there is a simultaneous appearance of three symbols and this increases the player’s chances to win.

Another feature called Treasure Collection gets activated during the bonus of free spins and the wild features are revealed if the Key symbol appears on the fifth reel. These wild features are Expanding Golden Harps, Stacked Moneybag and Stacked Golden Hens.

Fortune Hill Slot

Overview of the Fortune Hill Slot Machine: Roll You Fortune

Reels 5
Winning Lines 25
Coin Values $/£/€ 0.01-50.00
Max Coins per Line 1
Max Per Spin $/£/€ 1,250
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Bonus Features Yes
Progressive No
Software Playtech
Jackpot 5000 coins

Do you fancy playing a slot game with magical and enchanting theme? Are you a fancier of enchanting denizens, fairy tales and magical creatures? Do you dream paying a visit to n enchanted land where you would come across elves, mythical beings, rainbows, fairy, etc? Then Fortune Hill slot machine game from the slot gaming giant Playtech is probably your pick and might just be up your alley. Playtechs’ contribution towards making some inevitable and bone chilling games cannot be doubted at all and moreover, looking at the consistency in graphics and game playing quality, one could easily come up with the decision that Playtech is undoubtedly the best slot gaming developer to the slot addicts. Coming to this awesome slot game, Fortune Hill Slot, the game is a cute one indeed and whether you want to revive your mood or want to make some quick bucks, this slot game is the pick you would probably want.

Fortune Hill Slot machine game is a 5 Reel video slot game that starts with a very cute animation and drives you away to the distant enchanting denizens of the fairyland. The graphics and the sound effects of Fortune Hill slot game is quite decent and eye-candy to the slot lovers, however, the Reels are not just up to the expectations, lacking that appreciable feeling, which one could have in most of the Playtech slot games. Furthermore, Fortune Hill slot machine game has 25 pay lines that assures of a decent winning on each spin almost. However, the winnings are not that much of a huge cut, but one needs not to go empty handed playing the game most of the times. Whilst playing the game, you will come across several magical characters as the smoking pipe, the old good wizard, Troll, Gnome and a cute female elf to bestow luck and charm upon you.

One thing that dazzles the players is the game’s lumpsum jackpot amount of $ 250,000 or 5000 coins, which is quite better as compared to the standard of the game. The bonus features and the free spin rounds to multiply your winning stake up to 6 times more is a drive-through aspect of the game. Best of all, the game is instantly playable with no download required, which help you amass the cherished rewards to enrich yourself in no time. Yeah, you got that straight! If you are a slot lover and fancy playing mid level slot games with decent wins per spin, you must try it out now.

Coin Sizes:

Coin sizes in the Fortune Hill slot game comes with multiple number of denominations and one could start placing wager coins starting from as little as $ 0.01 up to the maximum amount of $ 50 per wager line. Players can place a maximum of 1 coin for every single pay line and therefore, the maximum wager value is $ 1250 for every spin. Players could procure the massive jackpot amount of 5000 coins, once they amass 5 Wild symbols on a payline. One could toggle between the coin denominations by simply clicking the + or – symbol on the display screen under the option line bet.

Wild symbols:

The Old Good Wizard in the Fortune Hill slot game is the Wild Symbol that could replace any other symbols of the slot game to make out a winning combo for the players. Amassing 5 consecutive Good Wizard symbols is sure to procure you the whopping jackpot amount of $ 250,000. However, the actualization of your cash and reward earning dream depends on how many pay lines you are waging. The more pay lines you place wager on, higher are the chances of your win.

Scatter Symbols:

Fortune Hill slot game boasts of a couple of Scatter symbols, namely the Mushroom scatter and the Rainbow Free games symbols. The Mushroom scatter could show up on the 1st and the 5th Reel fetching you cash prizes. Alternatively, you could also amass the Rainbow free games scatter that shows up on the 1st, 3rd and the 4th Reel to double your chances of winning big, delivering you 8 numbers of free spins.

The rotating wheels have 10 positions and it could bring you rewards like multipliers of x2, x3 or even x4 your original stake. The Fairy feature is started whilst the wheel stops on the Fairy’s wand delivering you up to 15 times multiplier value of the wager.

Ghosts Of Christmas Slot

Overview of Ghosts Of Christmas Slot Machine: Groove With The Scrooge

Reels 5
Winning Lines 20
Coin Values $/£/€ 0.20-500.00
Max Coins per Line 1
Max Per Spin $/£/€ 10,000
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Bonus Features Yes
Progressive No
Software Playtech

Remember the classic novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ from the Legendary author Charles Dickens? Do you still wonder about the prehensile Scrooge who could think nothing but just money and riches? This winter fall take pleasure of the auspicious and enchanting Christmas holiday, where with miracles; you could overwhelm the Scrooge’s heart with generosity and benevolence. In return, the Scrooge will rain gifts and cash rewards upon you, making your Christmas Eve, an unforgettable one. However, with the Ghosts of Christmas slot machine game from Playtech, all your dreams could come true. Ghosts of Christmas slot game is focused on the classic and famous novel from Charles Dickens named ‘A Christmas Carol’ boasted of cutting-edge graphical visualization and popping sounds. Playtech in undoubtedly a masterpiece creator in the world of slot gaming and this time with the mesmerizing Ghosts of Christmas slot machine, it is sure to awe your eyes and heart.

What would be more cherishing than enjoying this Christmas Eve with gifts and cash rewards bestowed upon you? Moreover, at not only this Christmas Eve, but also, you could turn each of your daily boring day to a Christmas Eve with this inevitable slot machine game. Plunge deep into this magical Christmas Eve holiday and wait for the mysterious ghosts to gamble for you. Furthermore, also look out for the Past, Present and the Future Ghosts to bestow cash rewards upon you, which could unveil themselves on any of the reels. Ghosts of Christmas is a 5 Reel video slot gaming machine having 20 pay lines to maximize every winning chances for you. What’s more amazing is the awesome jackpot value of a massive 10,000 credits that is sure to wow your Christmas.

The game comes with cool and funky animations where players could see the Scrooge engaged in deep thoughts and kissing his gold coins and the Ghosts of Present having wine from the horn in a merry mood. Ghosts of Christmas come with several thrilling and unique free spin and bonus rounds, where players could win many rewards to call it a day! Do not forget to make sure the prehensile scrooge watch the Magic Clock and sees Marley’s image to earn you rewards. Furthermore, is the Christmas Goose ready for Tiny Tim as well as Bob Krachet, for whom the goose has been waiting for so long and ready to share unbelievable rewards with you? The game is available in an instant play mode and no download is needed. However, all the symbols in this slot game starts paying when they show up in an orderly sequence from left to right on the 5 Reels.

Coins Sizes:

Coin sizes in the Ghosts of Christmas slot game come with multiple numbers of denominations and ranges from as little as $ 0.01 up to a whopping $ 500 for every pay line wager. Each of the pay lines could hold only 1 wager coin at a time, so all you need to do is choose the number of pay lines on, which you want to place wager. There are 20 pay lines in this game and clicking on ‘Bet Max’ will enable all the pay lines and offer you double chances of winning. The maximum jackpot offered at this game is a massive $5, 000, 000 with the stake amount from $ 4 to a whopping $ 10,000 for each spin. A player could choose the coin sizes and toggle between them by clicking on the + or – symbols on the display screen under the ‘Line Bet’ option to place the coin sizes. Always look for the maximum wager amount and upon amassing 5 Wilds in a sequence, you could hit the massive jackpot.

Wild Symbol:

The Scrooge symbol is the Wild symbol of the Ghosts of Christmas slot machine game. The Scrooge could replace every other symbols of the game to make a winning combination for the player, but must appear in a sequence in multiple numbers. If the player procures 5 consecutive wild symbols, he hits the lumpsum jackpot. However, the Wild symbol does not substitute for the Scatters and other Bonus symbols of the game.

Scatter Symbols:

The symbol of Marley is the scatter symbol in this slot game. Marley Scatters could show p anywhere on the reels to complete the winning combination for the players and needs not to show up on a single enabled pay line to complete the winning combo. Collecting 5 Marley scatters whilst a single spin will procure the jackpot amount for you. Moreover, if three or more scatter starts emerging from the corner of the reels, then the player amasses x3 multipliers of free spins. This will be triggered on if the player places the maximum wager amount. If during this Marley free spin rounds, 3 or more scatters appear again, you get more 10 numbers of free spins.

The Ghosts of Christmas bonus round is activated if the three or more numbers of Bonus clocks show up on the reels, where past, present or future Christmas ghosts may pay a visit to the scrooge to earn you rewards.

Also, finding the magic clock on the reels will enable you to earn more cash rewards, thereby enriching you more with the cash rewards from the scrooge.