Gamesys Slots guide

Gamesys really do know how to design a range of slots that players cannot get enough of playing and one prime example of one of their action packed games is the Azteca slot.

What you will love about this slot game is its two unique bonus rounds, for whenever they trigger you are going to have a chance of winning some large amounts of cash as those bonus games are being played off!

Staking and Payout Information

With 20 paylines on offer and more than enough staking options to suit all player bankroll the Azteca slot is going to be a slot that everyone can enjoy getting stuck into playing.

Be aware that this slot games payout percentage does slightly let the slot game down for it has been designed to return 93.66% of your stakes over your long term play as winning payouts. So whilst this slot does have some interesting bonus games it is not as high paying a slot as some of the other games available from Playtech.

The Azteca slot has been designed to be a low to medium variance slot so that should ensure that when playing off a fair amount of spins you are going to get quite a number of winning combinations spinning in and forming. 

Five of this slot games Wild symbols lining up on any payline triggers the 10000 coins base game jackpot payout, so let us hope you do get all five of them spinning in on any one of your pay lines!  Double Bubble slot is very similarly designed and players won’t have problems picking up Azteca if they have experience with it.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Look out for this slot games bonus symbols for when you get three or more of them lining up on any activated payline from the first reel onwards you get to play off a pick to win based feature game.

What makes that bonus game so very different from most others found on other Playtech slots that with some luck in playing it off you could end up winning a payout worth a whopping 14175 times your line bet!

Not only is that pick to win based bonus game on offer on this slot but you could also win a set of free spins, all you need to do to get to play off 12 free spins all of which have in play a x3 multiplier value is to get three or more of the scatter symbols spinning into view.

Get another set of those scatter symbols appearing as you play off the bonus free spins round and more free spins will be awarded to you, and those free spins can and often do re-trigger multiple times.

Playing Tip

The chance of winning the jackpot on offer on this slot is always going to be there no matter when you choose to play it. However, as out will have noticed as mentioned above its payout percentage is not as high as many other Playtech designed slots, so do not give this slot as much attention as you will other better playing slots as it could eat away at your bankroll way too quickly.

Diamond Valley Pro Slot

It is very true to say that no matter which online casino site you play at you will find more than enough slot games to play on which bonus games such as free spins can be awarded to you.

However, if those are the type of slot games you enjoy playing then we think you should sign up to a Playtech powered casino site and give the Diamond Valley Pro slot game some play time, for the reasons listed below!

Staking and Payout Information

Please do make sure you read through this entire review of the Diamond Valley pro slot game for there are lots of unique aspects to it that when added together makes it one of the most enjoyable and exciting Playtech slots to play online.

This base playing structure of this slot is as a low to medium variance slot and one on which 20 paylines a range of different staking options can be sent into live play on each base game spin.

You will only ever be interested in playing any type of video slot on which there is a fairly high payout percentage and with that in mind we are pleased to let you know the payout percentage of this slot is 95.88%.

You are of course going to find a wild symbols in play on all five reels of the Diamond Valley Pro slot game and whilst that symbols does not stand in for the bonus or scatter symbols they will stand in for all other standard reel symbols. Five wild symbols on any put in play payline you have opted to activate will award a very large 10000 coin base game jackpot.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

There are a set of Vulture scatter symbols to be found on each of the five reels of the Diamond Valley pro slot game, but those symbols only award a cash payout when you have spun in two or more of them anywhere in view.

The bonus game awarding reel symbol in play on this slot is the Diamond reel symbols be aware though they only drop in onto the first and last reels and when you get them both appearing on those two reels via any base game spin a set of free spins will then be yours to play off.

However, you will only find out how many free spins you will get to play off after those reel symbols spin into view on those two reels and you could be awarded with anything up to 20 free spins on multiplier values as high as x10!

Playing Tip

High RTP slot games such as the Diamond Valley pro slot game will see you getting lots of spins from your bankroll the more you play them.

That does of course mean comp points will be accumulating quite quickly in your online casino loyalty club account, so pick a site offering you more generous redemption rates for turning comp points into playing credits to ensure you get even more value from playing this slot online in one of the real money playing environments!

Desert Treasure Slot

Slot games of every possible description are to be found in the gaming suite of all Playtech software powered online casino sites, and one slot which is going to give you a very entertaining slot playing session is the Desert Treasure slot.

Whilst Playtech has now launched a sister slot game to this one we feel this original slot is a much better playing slot, so read on and make up your own mind as to whether it is a slot you will want to play online.

Staking and Payout Information

There are two versions of this slot game available to you when you log into any Playtech software powered online casino site, and this original slot has 20 optional paylines and boasts its own unique low to medium variance playing structure.

Thanks to that playing structure plenty of winning combinations can be formed when playing off any one single base game spin and you will always have the chance of winning big via the bonus game which triggered frequently too.

As with any slot game you do end up playing it will always be the payout percentage of that slot that determines just how high your winning chance will be and as the Desert Treasure slots RTP is set at 97.05% therein lays you best chance of winning!

The Snake reels symbol stands in for all other reel symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols as it is a wild symbol and any payline on which you get all five of those symbols if that payline has been activated and put into play will award you with 10000 coins!

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

A good old fashioned set of bonus games are attached to the Desert Treasure slot game, so if you have long been a fan of playing video slots you may appreciate how those bonus games play and pay as they are not overly complicated and can return some high valued winning payouts.

Three or more of the Woman symbols dropping in awards a set of 10 free spins and any and all winning combinations formed via that set of free spins, which can by the way re-trigger, will be tripled in value.

Spinning in three or more of the Compass bonus symbols will award a second bonus feature round. Be aware that unlike the scatter symbols which award the free spins when they spin in on any reel position you need to get three or more bonus symbols on an activated payline to trigger the second bonus game.

That bonus game is a pick to win one which will see you clicking on position on the bonus game treasure map to reveal cash prizes.

Playing Tip

As you can play this original version of the Desert Treasure slot and its new sister game the Mark II version, do give both of them a little play time and see how they compare. However, this versions RTP is much higher so you will have more winning chances when playing this slot so do keep that in mind!

Double Bubble Slot

While it’s a great thing that many more people are getting into the world of online slots today, with more players now than ever before, the problem for many new players to the system is that it can be quite tough to find out what games are going to suit you best! After all we all have our own preferences to pace, risk and difficulty.

Even right down to things like the theme and style of the game can make or break it for some players – so finding a solid online slots game that is balanced and fun is very important, especially for a beginner who is trying to learn the ropes.

Therefore, games like Double Bubble are an absolute godsend. They provide all of the tools you need to thoroughly enjoy yourself no matter what. With twenty paylines to pick from, you can bet as little as a penny per line so you can have as many shots as you like.

However, the main aim of the game is to unlock the brilliant bonus multiplier. The bonus multiplier will in turn potentially give you as much as 20,000 times what you already put on in the first place. Can you imagine what that type of jackpot could do for your future?

Double Bubble offers an absolutely outstanding solution to any needs that you may have to deal with. If you have never played slots before then this is a great place to get started – it’s extremely easy to learn the ropes of and it’s also got the style that we spoke about earlier. It’s got that old-school feel about it while still finding a way to stay relevant with the basis of the theme being about Double Bubble chewing gum.

When you take it’s easy nature and ally it with the fact that lots of people seem to come up big when they play Double Bubble, and you can easily see why it’s so popular among people. There’s nothing quite like being able to just fire up your favourite slots game and play a rounds, and with Double Bubble you can play it from any machine on a variety of casinos across the web.

Whether you want to make every decision or leave it in the fate of the ‘Auto’ button is up to you but you have full control over a really fun game that is just all about making sure that the players actually enjoy themselves – an art which is lost in many other games on the marketplace.

Zuma Slot

Zuma Slot is by far and away one of the most popular games in the online slots circuit. While the majority of online slots games will be made to fit bright colours or a very simple format to help make sure people feel comfortable, Zuma Slots goes in the entirely other direction. it takes a loud and stylish Aztec style to the gaming world and creates an incredible powerful theme that is hard not to enjoy. It’s confident style and intelligent selections for symbols and bonuses makes it one of the most enjoyable games out there on the web at the moment.

It comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines, as well as a whole hoard of extra bonuses that you can unlock by doing the Zuma game itself and getting the right symbols appearing for you. The entire game is built around the idea of trying to get yourself some Tiki treasure, and if you are feeling brave enough then you can bet as much as £500 per shot. This is one of the highest risk games if you decide to go with it, but the rewards can be huge if you get the right set of luck that you were looking for.

This game is incredibly exciting to play not just for the fast pace and easy rules, or for the cool style, but for the incredibly lucrative bonus rounds. These bonus rounds have you going up against the Big Bad Tikki Bosses. While this might sound simple enough in theory, you are actually going to need to hit two of them one after another to get the full bonus that you are looking for. if you are able to hit both Tiki Bosses, then you will get yourself both free spins AND a multiplier – what more can you really ask for? These bonuses are extremely powerful if you manage to access them, with as much as 50 free spins available with multipliers of 5x on every game that you play within that period.

You can play Zuma Slot on many different online slots websites, as it’s one of the most popular games out there. It’s got brilliant history, a great theme, an easy to follow set of rules and bonuses and some of the most lucrative prizes out there for a keen gamer who is willing to really take the plunge and get the maximum rewards possible from Zuma Slot.

Winstones Slot

One of the best thing about the world of online slots is the amount of time that you can spend just looking for a game that suits you down to the ground. There are so many choices out there that you can choose to be picky. Don’t like the style? Not a fan of the low jackpot? Finding it too hard to get any success out of? If you are finding that you jump from slot game to slot game fairly regularly, incapable of finding a good home to play your online slots from, why not consider trying Winstones Slot? Winstones Slot is one of the most popular games on the market – and for a good reason!

For a start, it’s one of the most low-risk of the online slots games. It might not guarantee wins – nothing does – but it provides you with as many opportunities and extras as you can possibly be offered from an online game. The system itself is extremely fair and makes your life much easier when trying to find the type of value that you expect from an online slots game. After all, with all that competition you want to have something there that can make you stay!

The theme itself is one of the big selling points – everybody is a fan of the Stone Age style that we all love to revert back to. The Winstones is a nice play on popular cartoon The Flintstones and takes the Stone Age world to a whole new level. It’s great fun to be in and around and makes the most of the opportunities to really cram home the Stone Age world in all of its glory. From the mammoth rolling his eyes at your chances of winning to the stone age writing that appears as some of the symbols, this is one of the most intricate and well-designed games on the web.

One of the most important features about the game, then, is the bonus features. Should you, for example, get three or more mammoths to appear then you will trigger the chance to get a free spin. Free spins are very important to the overall enjoyment of any online lots game and thankfully with Winstones Slot you get plenty of chances to activate those bonuses. You can, if you play the bonuses right, walk away with as much as fifteen free games with all of your wins in that time being tripled!