Movies Inspire Online Slot Developers

Chartbuster Movies Inspire Online Slot Developers and the Results are Out There for All to See!

Standard slot games have their supporters and fans; however, slots have progressed and enlarged with time, similar to everything else. Numerous aspects have made an impact on slot games while manipulating them. A few most significant factors are technology, product modernization, competition, marketing, recent incidents and increasingly varied targeted viewers.

Currently, game suppliers are continuously in a hunt for the subsequent tremendous game, along with employing the finest suppliers, sounds, graphics and artistic minds to facilitate for building further vanguard and imaginative online slots. The most thriving game providers in the industry are NetEnt, Playtech, IGT, Microgaming, and Novomatic.

The developers must concentrate on what makes a game interesting to the extensive audience for a longer time duration while trying to build an online video slot game. There are some extra aspects of the game that should be included such as bonus features, jackpots, theme, and gameplay. One of the techniques that have given positive results in the past, and definitely persist in doing so is utilizing the big screen and the fame of hit films to attract the interest of the players to slot games.

Hit movies always attract the masses, and traverses national, language and cultural borders, accurately what slot developers wish to achieve with their games. IGT incorporated this idea of the business with building online slot machines with chartbuster films and cinema classics. This practice has been adjusted by game developers, with Bwin.Party being one of the companies that is expert in fashioning slots with movie themes and ingenious bonus features.

Some of the profitable movie-themed online slots are:

Jurassic Park Slot

It is a 5 reel and 243 pay line video slot built and released by Microgaming. It is featured in the 1993 movie, Jurassic Park, which was one of the most prosperous movies produced by Steven Spielberg.

Terminator 2 Slot

It is a 5 reel and 243 pay line slot game produced by Microgaming, which is about Sarah Connor and how she manages with versions of the terminator. The necessary aspects of the movie are mixed with bonus features. For instance, the game has a T-800 Vision Bonus Game, and symbols like T-1000, John Connor and the terminator takes on the essential roles in the gameplay.

Scarface Slot

It is a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot created by NetEnt, in collaboration with Universal. Scarface was a huge hit along with pursuing a strong cult. The movie’s global appeal is utilised to combine genuine audio, video clips from the film, collectively with game features like Free Spins Bonus, Stacked Wilds and Nudge Spins.

Gladiator Jackpot Slot

It is a 5 reel, 25 pay line game created by Playtech. The two versions of the game were discharged with the accumulation of a progressive jackpot being the most remarkable addition to the recent release. The main characters of Gladiator movie are combined with bonus attributes and gameplay.

Transformers Battle for Cybertron Slot

It is a 5 reel, 40 pay-line video slot, built and released by IGT. It is one of the terrific movie themed games, where graphics and bonus features are joint with game-play and audio to provide gamers with a fantastic slot.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

It is a 5 reel, 243 pay line game released by Microgaming. This famous video slot is packed with big payouts from distinctive bonus features that use different characteristics from the big screen film.

The sanctified association among big screen chartbuster movies and online 3D video slot games is not a guaranteed way to accomplish successful slots. Although, there are crucial features to amplify the chances of making it a hit, such as graphics, innovative bonus features, appealing gameplay, and when all these characteristics are merged appropriately, movie slots can conquer success.

Online Slots Dedicated to the Fighters

Fighting has constantly been an admired means of recreation, both for those engaged in it as well as for those standing away and observing it. With time, fighting has altered into numerous sports, each sport being more stunning than the previous one. Grateful for their recognition, these sports have made a gigantic impact on famous culture.

The supreme athletes/fighters of the globe have turned into popular culture images, now memorized apart from just the punches they landed on their opponents within the ring. Furthermore, the athletes along with the sports they had participated in were given tribute in unpredictable ways and in unpredicted spaces. For instance, they were honoured in the form of slot machines.

Some of the slot machines that respected the top fighters are mentioned below:

Andre the Giant Slot

André René Roussimoff, better recognised by his ring name André the Giant, was quite really a terrific stature of wrestling. He was 7 feet 4 inches tall, with a weight of 520 lbs, which makes him one of the largest wrestlers of all times to place foot in the ring.

Similar to many other wrestlers, he was also featured in a few movies, the most unforgettable of them being The Princess Bride. He is dignified with a slot machine named Vegas Palms Slot. André the Giant slot machine is one of the majorly played games amid its category of games at the Vegas Palms by the slots admirers and equally by the wrestling fanatics.

The game’s audio and graphics are motivated by the wrestler’s resemblance and movements, displaying genuine pictures from the career of the wrestler and animated depictions of items in the region of the ring to the players. It is an entertaining game to play, ideal for the wrestling fans to relive the era of the biggest wrestler of all times and also for the players who desires to explore unusual games. This game can be played for free at

King of the Cage Slot

King of the Cage is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) endorsement initiated over a decade back. It has gained undivided fame both in US and other countries, which made it the ideal encouragement for starting up a slot machine. This game has given a successful career to many stars such as Forrest Griffin, Ronda Rousey, Krazy Horse and Rashad Evans.

A few years before, in an attempt to build its product identified in other regions, King of the Cage collaborated with casino game developer Next Gaming, to generate the first ever MMA-themed video slot machine. This game is at present only accessible in the physical casinos of US; however, it will definitely locate its way to the other countries where MMA is a trending and famous sport.

Rocky Slot

Even though Rocky Balboa is a mythical fighter, brought to existence by the famous actor Sylvester Stallone, his personality is featured upon the real-life athlete Chuck Wepner. Rocky has exclusive features and symbols. The motive of the game is to match similar symbols across your dynamic pay lines as you play on.

Chuck was a strong fighter, a tough expert, possibly best recognized for his title clash in opposition to Muhammad Ali in 1975. Being a former marine, Wepner beat Ali in the ninth round but was afterward downcasted by the renowned boxer in the 15th round, defeated in the wrestle by a technical KO.

However, his fans are offering tribute to his career circuitously, with the movie Rocky and the successive games which are based on him, also taking account of a famous slot machine; all are a service to Wepner’s brilliant skills.

The Collaboration Between Betsoft Gaming and Intertops

Betsoft Gaming, makers of the extremely famous Slots3 brand line, have publicized that they have signed a partnership contract with longstanding chief European operator Intertops. The conditions of the joint venture will permit Intertops to supply Betsoft’s entire catalogue of iGaming amusement, consisting of the Slots3 collection of pure 3D video slots as well as its best of the lot mobile companion line up, the ToGo set. The goal of Intertops is to provide the prominent games of the industry to the English and German verbalizing markets across the world.

Introduction of Intertops Casino

Intertops has been continuously offering an excellent iGaming practice to their gamers for over two decades. This kind of long haul knowledge is an advantage to the constantly changing market of the casinos.

Intertops has a remarkable commitment to their customers as they focus on the gamers’ existing practice and also on how the practice will be fashioned as the prospects establish the casino market via the growth of the advanced technology.

Julian Camilleri, working at Betsoft, remarked that this is an interesting instance to get partnered with Intertops as hoping for amazing shared success. Intertops Casino has been in the business for extensive time duration.

A delegate of the Intertops Affiliate Team stated, on the occasion of the partnership with Betsoft, that their casino has watched rise and fall of the trends over the years, along with the content to imitate the trends. He further added that the games created by Betsoft have survived the changing environment of the casino industry, with few of their previous titles still proving to be as admired as their latest games.

The members of the Intertops casino were very contented with the whole catalogue of Betsoft, which grants impressive features to attract the players with varied tastes and preferences. By claiming on the implausible range of games of Betsoft, Intertops has reiterated their dedication all over again, to provide the unbelievable customer support to all the players and the affiliates worldwide.

Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming, generally recognized as the trendsetter and leader of pure 3D pictorial gaming, is an ace category developer and provider of the full system online gaming software.

With a game store comprising of more than 180 games including the quintessential Slots3 series, Betsoft Gaming has met and surpassed the quality discovered in console video games as well as vivacious feature films.

In the year 2012, Betsoft commenced a deliberate push into the mobile gaming zone, along with many of their famous Slots3 games becoming accessible as the ToGo range. It started liberating the vastly predicted Slots3 Interactive line up of games in mid-2013, which symbolized the future of web slots gaming.

Betsoft Gaming’s wide-ranging group of clients contains a few of the best gaming operations in the industry.

Games Offered by Betsoft Gaming

The games are suitably arranged into their appropriate categories respectively, hence, the players can instantaneously see all of the fun they will be having and they can easily choose their favorite game from the lot.

The categories presented are slots3 such as 4 Seasons and Birds!, classic slots like 7th Heaven and Royal Reels, table games such as Three Card Rummy, Oasis Poker and Red Dog, video poker like Bonus Deluxe and Joker Poker, featured slots like Great 88, ToGo and other.

Betsoft ToGo

It is a range of mobile games developed for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. This platform provides a unique practice with appearance and functionality modified from the Flash versions for the mobile setting. Some of the games are Puppy Love, Pinocchio, and Gladiator. Gamers will attain a 3D cinematic practice on a mobile platform from anywhere they wish!

Master These 12 Strategies and Become a Slots Expert Today!

Slot games are one of the most admired games in the world. Different people have varied motives to play slot games. Over a million people practice slot games to crack the jackpot and watch their lives lucked into prestige. Others may wish to play in hope of getting their winnings multiplied for paying off their debts. Whatsoever the reason might be, slot games are here to last and with every year numerous people are trying the experience of playing the slot games.

An increasing fashion in the slot games is online slots. These are slot games converted into virtual versions. If you have dragged levers and lingered for the symbols to align, whilst sitting ahead of a slot machine, you now have a facility to execute the same by pressing a button on your computer. Online slots and physical slots share their design; apart from a few alterations.

There are a few tactics to curtail the risk when playing slots.

Some of the strategies are mentioned below:

#1 – Build Up Your Funds

While playing web slot games, you must make your bankroll to continue your wagering higher. To set your funds, gamble on the minimum, and proceed until it is satisfactorily built. Later, when you desire to raise your bet, keeping your funds at a rational amount, your bankroll will become sufficiently large to make risky bets.

#2 – Select Your Best Game

You should not be under a misconception that you are a Slot Master. You must always select the slot game, which progresses your skills and in which you are the best. You can experiment if you have an appreciable bankroll, but do not push your luck for playing the games that you cannot master.

#3 – Recognise the Slot Game Mechanics

For the unfamiliar games, you should build a bankroll, play the minimum, and get acquainted with the game mechanics. This may become your best game and if it does not then you must keep discovering until you find the perfect game.

#4 – Find Loopholes of the Game

You are not a hacker so you cannot hunt the winnings illegally. You should search for a loophole that stays constant in the game. The online slots that play in your favor can be exploited. You may also create few bankroll tricks to win more.

#5 – Start from Basic and Later Play the Advanced Versions

You should familiarize yourself with the web slots by first playing the basic slot games like 3 reel games, and later trying out the most complex ones like 3D slots and movie-themed slots.

#6 – Play Games that Offer a Bonus Round

The games with bonus round like 3D and movie-themed slots will provide more winnings than the ordinary ones. You can benefit yourself by triggering the bonus round and achieving more wins for as long as you stay.

#7 – Be Prepared for the Loss

There is a chance of losing, and if you do then remain calm as you will then find out your limit and later can bet appropriately.

#8 – Bet Maximum

First, build a bankroll and when you find an opportunity to hit the jackpot, then bet maximum to achieve the best winnings.

#9 – Choose the Free Credits

Follow all the above tactics and then try out the free credits prior to playing with real money. You can try out play money feature to understand the concept of slots.

#10 – Adjust Your Strategies

You must adapt the strategies according to different games to gain more winnings.

#11 – Know When to Stop

Withdraw from the bets when you realise you will not make any profit from that point on.

#12 – Utilise Your Winnings

You must save a part of it in your bank and the other part can be deposited in your bankroll for the slot game.

Will the MGM Tie-Up Help Improve Borgata’s Online Fortunes?

There’s likely to be a new entrant in the online gambling industry in New Jersey, and this is excellent news for a sector that is relatively new. The takeover of Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino by MGM Resorts International will give the former’s online operations a shot in the arm. MGM is not a local brand but it is a gambling industry heavyweight with a huge amount of experience. As a matter of fact, its strong brand will definitely help increase revenues in the Garden State’s online gambling industry.

Borgata on a Downward Trend

The Borgata Atlantic City’s online business is currently at the top of the heap in New Jersey but there is much to be worried about. The company’s revenues from online poker and casino are steadily dropping whereas its competitors are increasing their revenues. Borgata’s gross online gaming revenue from its online operations was $45.82 million, a 3% increase over its previous years’ performance. However, this was a very disappointing performance, given that the overall online gambling revenues from the state expanded by a whopping 32.1% during the same period.

While Borgata managed to cling to its position as the largest online gambling operator in New Jersey, it would definitely have been worried by the results posed by its competitors. Caesars, Golden Nugget, and Tropicana showed increased revenues but Resorts’ had the maximum increase of them all, from around $5 million in 2015 to $30 million in 2016.

Borgata’s less than stellar performance can be attributed to 29.8% drop in revenues from online poker, clearly because of PokerStar’s entry into the business. Borgata’s casino revenues did increase but its 16.1% uptick was very modest when compared to the 35% shown by Caesars and Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget is poised to outperform Borgata, given that its casino revenues exceeded Borgata’s by around $4.4 million and it does not offer online poker at present. Incidentally, its 2015 online revenues were just $1.5 million short of Borgata’s. Golden Nugget surged ahead in the second half of 2016, earning $23.5 million from casino alone in comparison to Borgata’s $22.3 million from casino and poker.

Can MGM Really Make a Difference?

Borgata has relied on its strong local brand awareness to get a big chunk of the NJ online gambling revenues since 2014. It has to be admitted that MGM doesn’t as yet have Borgata’s brand recall in New Jersey, but it is an internationally recognized brand. Also, it has just launched a casino in Maryland just across the border from New Jersey.

A major opportunity for both the companies exists via their loyalty programmes. There are many opportunities for cross promotions that will benefit the online as well as brick and mortar businesses. MGM’s M Life Rewards is far more popular than Borgata’s rewards programme as of the present.

It’s certainly not going to be a cakewalk for MGM because non-local gambling operators have always had a tough time finding their footing in this casino market. The only exception to this rule so far has been Betfair Casino which managed to get a 20% share of its market in spite of not having a land-based presence in the state.

There is some indication that Borgata’s associate GVC Holdings will provide MGM its casino platform for New Jersey. The software provider has recently increased its casino product to accommodate changing customer preferences. On the other hand, its poker product called ‘partypoker’ hasn’t been a success with gamblers in the state.

Overall, it seems very likely that MGM will be successful at improving Borgata’s online fortunes. In fact, this tie-up might even enable Borgata to maintain its position as the top revenue earner in the state.

Is the Gambling Industry Ruining Bitcoin’s Reputation?

Bitcoin has hit all-time highs this year, with a whole lot of people electing to use the digital currency, and thereby taking its usage and price steadily upwards. There was a time, not too long ago, when only a few people knew about Bitcoin but the situation is quite different today. A major part of the credit for making Bitcoin famous has to go to the online gambling industry since increasing numbers of people are realizing just how convenient it is for online gambling. However, people who have traditionally been Bitcoin enthusiasts aren’t too happy with this development because they feel that the online currency is getting a bad reputation thanks to the association.

The resistance towards online gamblers’ use of Bitcoin is really quite surprising since the original users of this currency were quite a mixed bag themselves. While there were indeed people who passionately believed in the digital currency and the philosophy it represented of disrupting the current monetary system worldwide, most of its users even right at the outset were speculators and investors.

When Bitcoin started to increase in popularity, banks started to scrutinize it in order to find out exactly what it entailed. Supporters of the cryptocurrency were really quite happy that the mainstream banking world was showing interest in it. This was followed by the insurance industry that started using blockchain as well.

Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology that underlies it has been very transformative for the online gambling industry. However, the effect that the industry has had on the cryptocurrency is mixed.


To start with the disadvantages, the one that comes to mind first is that Bitcoin’s reputation is under threat. It is impossible to wish away the fact that many online casinos are shady operations. Bitcoin itself had had a chequered past thanks to its association with Silk Road. There was a time when people used to buy all sorts of illegal products and services om Silk Road using Bitcoins.

These days, this currency is even by many people seeking to disguise their online gambling or circumvent government restrictions. Another potential problem could occur in cases where people are gambling excessively. If Bitcoin becomes overwhelmingly associated with gambling, then any social problems the industry creates might also be blamed on it.

There is also a good chance that online gamblers will use casinos to convert Bitcoins to cash. This isn’t a problem if it is done on a small scale, but if it is unsupervised it can quickly become a money laundering method.


The gambling industry does have a positive to offer Bitcoin and it is that it can expand the reach of the currency tremendously. Since the industry is ballooning in size, overall Bitcoin usage will only grow along with it.

Increasing numbers of casinos are adopting Bitcoin, and many players are switching to its use on account of its lower cost and ease of use. There are a number of ancillary businesses that will definitely benefit from the surge in Bitcoin usage. These include bitcoin media sites, exchanges, and mining sites.

The Way Forward

Gambling with Bitcoin does have a couple of major disadvantages but the potential advantages are far higher. Bitcoin advocates should ensure that more online gamblers and sites adopt this cyber currency because this is a failsafe way to increase its usage rate. Of course, the gambling industry will also have to take measures to improve its reputation. The industry will benefit tremendously from having proper regulations in place since this will help operators and customers alike and encourage growth along the right channels.

Europe Leads the Way for Online Gambling and Betting Platforms

Online gambling and betting consists of a wide range of games including poker, casino games, sports betting and also lotteries including others. The industry offers these games via a digital environment and users can play them in real time using their PCs or increasingly, their mobile devices.

The online gambling industry has expanded at a remarkably fast pace over the past 10 years or so, and this is because of a number of compelling reasons. One reason is that people are increasingly opting to gamble on the internet because this is the most convenient and cost effective medium. Another important reason is that many countries are putting laws in place to regulate internet-based gambling. Having a proper regulatory environment in place is very important for the online gambling industry. Furthermore, many well-established land based gambling operators are opting to take their businesses online.

The European markets are particularly important for the online gambling industry since operators here have taken to the industry in a big way. The Asia Pacific market trails behind it because of the lack of uniformity of regulatory regimes.

This report offers a detailed analysis of the worldwide gambling and betting market divided on the basis of geography and game type. The different types of games are casino, poker, lottery, bingo, social gaming, sports betting and fantasy sports. Each of these types of games has also been analysed based on different geographies.

Geographical Evaluation of International Online Gambling and Betting Market

The online gambling market has been divided into European, Asia-Pacific, North American, South American, and Middle East & Africa (MEA) markets. Europe is segmented into the United Kingdom (includes the Isle of Man), France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Malta, Gibraltar, and Rest of Europe. The Asia Pacific market is segmented into Australia, China, Japan, Philippines and Rest of Asia-Pacific. The North American market is divided into the United States, Canada and Rest of North America. South America is split into Brazil and the Rest of South America. The MEA market is further segmented into South Africa, Nigeria and the Rest of MEA.

Scope of the Report

The study provides valuable insight into the reasons for the growth of the online gambling industry and also the factors that hold it back. The focus has been on current market trends, future growth opportunities, in addition to developing strategies to help expand the industry. The study also provides revenue forecasts for each segment.

An important part of the study is the market share of important players. It is very important to understand the market position of leading players and also the place they occupy in the competition matrix. There is also a section on the evolution of the industry. Also included is Porter’s Five Forces Analysis on the overall industry.

The report studies a number of important industry players and bigwigs such as Net Entertainment, GVC Holdings Ladbrokes Coral Group, 888 Holdings, William Hill, Fortuna Entertainment Group, Kindred, Playtech, Amaya, and Paddy Power Betfair. It includes SWOT analysis on each of these companies along with detailed financial information.

The report was made by Transparency Market Research (TMR), a leading market intelligence firm that undertakes valuable business information studies. It provides trend analysis and detailed forecasting so that decision makers can have all the tools necessary to make the right choices. The company employs a team of experienced and highly qualified researchers, consultants, and analysts. It also makes use of the latest tools to collect and analyse data. Overall, this is a reliable source of information for businesses and it helps them retain competitiveness in increasingly difficult markets.

Mobile Gambling Industry Expands With Better Smartphone Availability

Nobody would have said, 10 years ago that mobile gambling would be such an important part of the online gambling industry. There have been huge changes in the industry over the past decade or so, and it’s not just because of new gaming software. The mobile phone industry has also undergone a transformation over the past few years, with the latest generation of mobile phones offering dramatically improved processing ability and also screen resolution. It is now fair to say that the mobile gaming experience comes very close to its desktop counterpart with the added benefit of increased convenience and portability.

The mobile gambling industry is expanding at a tremendous pace, with online gamblers increasingly opting to play using their smartphones or tablets. People these days tend to reach for their smartphones whenever they want to connect to the internet because they don’t like to be tied down to any location. As a result, most operators have begun to offer gambling sites that are optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices in addition to their main websites.

Mobile gambling sites tend to have fewer games than conventional gambling sites and they also have considerably fewer features on account of space constraints. For instance, live gaming, a very popular segment, does not turn out well on a smaller screen and therefore isn’t available to mobile gamblers. Even so, there are so many advantages to gambling using a smartphone that people are willing to overlook the significant disadvantages.

The main reasons of better gaming quality on mobile devices are outlined below:

Increased Processing Power

The latest generation of smartphones has the very impressive processing power. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for instance, has a 2.3Ghz processor in addition to 4GB of RAM. It’s very easy to gamble on the latest high-tech phones since even sophisticated software runs on them without any interruptions. In fact, since a smartphone is pretty much like a computer, the quality of gaming is also very similar except for the differences in screen size.

Better Graphics

The impressive quality of graphics on mobile phones means that high it the much like that of computers. In addition, mobile developers spend a great deal of effort to develop games for mobile phone use.

In Browser vs Apps

There are two main ways of gambling online using a mobile phone. One is to use the browser to access the gaming site and start playing. This is usually the simplest and easiest way to gamble since it doesn’t involve downloading any software to the device. The best mobile sites are designed to be highly responsive and they fit the size of the screen as well as its resolution automatically. In fact, mobile sites offer a seamless transition from regular gaming sites.

The other option is to use a mobile app. Mobile apps need to be downloaded but they allow for a quick and easy gaming experience since users can jump from one feature of the site to another without any problem. It is costly to develop a mobile app. However, many gaming operators are spending money on mobile apps for iOS and Android devices because this is clearly a requirement from customers.

It is clear to see that the online gambling industry will continue to move towards increased mobile use as newer and more sophisticated phones are launched in the market. Gaming software developers also work on games that play well on smaller devices and there are frequent releases of exciting titles. The industry will have to continue taking cues from its customers to figure out in which direction it has to expand.

New Slots Launched By Renowned Gaming Operators in the Casino Industry

The world of online casino is witnessing the emergence of new slots by different gaming operators including Magnet Gaming, Habanero, Microgaming, Gameiom Technologies, 888Holdings and Quickspin. For the very first time, the slots of these operators are going to be live in Denmark while Yggdrasil is planning to release its gaming titles in Italy.

Plans of Habanero and 888 Holdings

The very popular casino game developer, Habanero is all set to launch its newest slot called Fire Rooster. It is a 5×3 slot game based on the Chinese legend of Rooster. Exploding wilds and free spins are the major attraction of this slot while players have the opportunity to unlock prizes by creating adjacent wilds here. Habanero’s head of sales, Daniel Long is happy with the expansion and is sure that this slot will be much preferred by many.

When it comes to 888 Holdings, this online gaming operator based in London is ready to release a new slot named Wink Slots. This slot will be easily accessible through smartphones and PC too. This particular slot provides content from some of the renowned suppliers including Amaya and Net Entertainment.

Microgaming’s and Magnet Gaming’s Current Slots

Microgaming has always offered a great opportunity for the players to make millions through its slots. Recently, a player at Captain Cooks Casino hit the jackpot of €6m while playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot. This particular slot has the world record of being the slot with the biggest jackpot payout. Emma Hall, promotions manager at Casino Rewards, which operates the Captain Cooks Casino brand mentioned the player was lucky enough to grab the jackpot right after signing up at Captain Cooks casino and availing its welcome offer.

Moving on to Magnet Gaming’s newest slot, the operator has launched Gold Rush slot. It is a nine reel slot and is perfect for the players who have always wished to mine the gold. The slot features Gold Canyon and Gold Digger that can help in triggering the bonus games. The slot can be played both on mobile devices and desktop as per the convenience of the players. The slot has expanded the gaming portfolio of Magnet Gaming that already offers titles like Space Gems, Candy Kingdom, Vikings and others.

About Gameiom Technologies and Quickspin

Gameiom Technologies have come up with the slot called Backyard Gold. It is a five reel slot with 50 paylines and is based on Chinese proverb. The proverb involves Zhang San who buried the box full of gold coins in his garden fearing that they would be stolen. Later, his neighbor stole the money and confessed the crime on his own unknowingly. The proverb means that guilty people always confess their fault in a way or other. The slot is going to super interesting.

Further, Quickspin has entered Denmark market with its games going live with Intertain’s Vera&John brand. Different games will be available through the brand’s platform and can be played on mobile devices too.

Yggdrasil Gaming Set to Hit Italian Markets

Yggdrasil Gaming is planning to enter into the regulated market of Italy. It is going to release 11 games including Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Dark Joker Rizes and Vikings Go Wild etc. during the second quarter of the year 2017. The operators will be given an access to the company’s HTML5 iSENSE 2.0 platforms and its exclusive promotional tool, BOOST. Fredrik Elmqvist, CEO at Yggdrasil Gaming mentioned that Italy is the fastest growing market and is going to be fruitful for the company in its expansion.

Therefore, the current expansion highlights that all these developers are going to do wonders in 2017.

Konami Slots Soon to be Launched by Rush Street in New Jersey

The SugarHouse social casino has already gained much popularity by offering free-to-play game variants. These games have today gone live for the players including the Fortune Stacks and Gypsy Fire. These slots have been launched on desktop and mobile both. The present news is about, Rush Street Interactive’s New Jersey-licensed iGaming brand that has planned to offer Konami slots. Yes, the media reports reveal that this brand is going to be the first company offering real money online slots of Konami. No doubt, it will be a grand feast for the players.

About Konami

Konami is a Japanese entertainment company that was launched in the year 1969. The company has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo and is into producing and distributing slot machines, tokusatsu, arcade cabinets and much more. Konami group of companies has always come up with the most exclusive gaming products and is highly demanded by the people across the world. Some of the very popular video games by Konami includes Mega Zone, Roc’n Rope, Super Cobra, Video Hustler, Max Mile, Time Pilot and Jungler just to mention a few out of many.

For a better scope of expansion and to hit more and more players, Konami has recently integrated its entire gaming portfolio on the gaming platform of Rush Street. Rush Street was licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey. It operates under the license of Golden Nugget casino and went live in the year 2016.

In the Words of Richard Schwartz

Rush Street Interactive president Richard Schwartz stated in an interview that Konami games have already captivated the attention of millions around the globe. Hundreds of casinos are already offering these Konami games in various locations worldwide, adds Richard. When it comes to Rush Street, it will be the first company in New Jersey to introduce Konami games in the region. Richard is confident that these games are going to make their way in the online real money space seamlessly.

He further added that the graphic animation of these slots and their gameplay is similar to those of traditional casino games. It means that whether you prefer playing Konami slots at the land-based casino or planning to enjoy them at an online one, you can do that all with ease. Both the slots including Fortune Stacks and Gypsy Fire are going to offer an amazing gaming experience to all the players. You can play these games at your leisure.

Statement of Steve Walther

On the other hand, Konami Gaming’s senior director of marketing and product management Steve Walther has mentioned that the company is glad to expand its gaming content to SugarHouse online casino. The partnership signifies that Konami is continuing its long-held merger with Rush Street Gaming.

He further added the changes in the demands of the customers are evolving and it is the company’s responsibility to meet those gaming needs. Steve appreciates the decision of SugarHouse casino to launch the games online. They are taking the same games online that you find in any traditional casino so that players can place the wager within the comforts of their home.


It is true that Konami is going to benefited from this partnership a lot, as it will get popular in New Jersey too. Moving on to SugarHouse casino, it will be able to attract more and more players by adding Konami slots to their existing portfolio. In the coming years, this merger is going to bring in more revenues to both the leading companies. For the players, they should just be ready to try out the much awaited Konami slots at SugarHouse.