Lightning Box Games Heads Back In Time To Release Their Latest Slot!

An American comic strip that was created by Dik Browne and continued by his son Chris Browne is a loose interpretation and caricature of the Viking Age Scandinavian life. When it first appeared in February 1973, it was an instant hit. The comic strip that we are talking about is Hägar the Horrible (pronounced Hay-gar). Why are we talking about it? Because the latest video slot released by Lightning Box Games is set in the same Viking Age era.

The slot that is releasing today, Viking Fire has a Viking character that wields a huge hammer standing on the left of the reels. Both the comic strip as well as the slot is a light-hearted take of the Viking culture and life.

This is why we were instantly reminded of Hägar and his family as well as his antics from the popular comic strip.

Viking Fire Slot Information That Will Help You Play Better!

The Viking Fire slot has five reels and 40 pay lines. Accessible via tablets, mobiles and desktops, the minimum amount that you can wager is 50p per spin, while the maximum amount is a staggering £1,250. In keeping with the Viking theme, if you’re able to sink longships, you’ll reveal extra free spins and additional wild symbols.

Set in a classic Viking village, you’ll notice the green fields and hills in the backdrop make for a pleasing experience. The wooden structure where the symbols make their appearance blends in well with the theme. The usual symbols that appear regularly are a dog, Viking king, wizard and a sword-wielding Viking princess. The playing cards – 9,10, J, Q and K also form a part of the regular symbols. The Nordic folk soundtrack too complements the slot well.

The Special Symbols of Viking Fire Slot

The hammer is the wild symbol and is able to substitute all the symbols expect the scatter symbol. If the wild symbol is part of the winning combination, it doubles the outcome. Five wild symbols on a pay line results in a 1,500x of the line stake win. Usually the Viking king can give you 750x your line stake amount, but if a wild symbol is involved, it doubles up. So, effectively 750x becomes a neat 1,500x!

Like most slot games, the scatter symbol is the one that usually triggers the Free Games feature. Same goes for Viking Fire slot, the scatter symbol is quite evident with ‘Bonus’ written across a fiery ball. Three or more scatter symbols will activate the Free Games feature. However, if you’re able to land five of them on a pay line, you’ll be rewarded with 2,000x of your line stake amount.

The Free Games feature will take you to a new game screen where you can pick targets to reveal extra free spins or additional wild symbols. You’ll be able to reveal +2 free spins, +1 free spin, wild wizard, wild princess, wild Viking or an ‘X’. The picking stage ends until you reveal two ‘X’. Once this stage is done, the free spins will begin.

You also have the option to gamble your winnings. At the end of each winning combination, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to play the gamble round. If you select the right colour of the playing card, your winnings will be multiplied by two.

But if you’re able to guess the correct colour of the playing card, then your winnings will be multiplied by four.

The Final Verdict

Viking Fire slot is one of the more impressive games we’ve seen in this genre. It features some great quality graphics, a pretty amazing special bonus rounds and overall an outstanding base game round as well. We definitely recommend the Viking Fire slot.

Make Way As Tarzan Swings His Way In To A Microgaming Slot!

Based on a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan made his first appearance in the novel, Tarzan of the Apes. It was a magazine publication in 1912 and book publication in 1914. There were 25 sequels and of course, countless works in other media as well.

The most recent is the 2016 American action-adventure film called The Legend of Tarzan. Released on 1 July 2016, it fared averagely. But the slot players have no reason to complain and definitely something to look forward to. Developed by Microgaming, their big branded slot for Winter 2016 is none other than Tarzan.

Before the slot released, there were a few inhibitions. The primary one being that will the Tarzan brand still be relevant in 2016. After all, it has been around since the turn of the century! But all doubts were laid to rest with the launch of the slot.

What to Expect From Tarzan Online Slot?

Tarzan slot has fantastic animations and visuals. Quite unlike the movie that released earlier in the year, which is a darker interpretation of the Tarzan story, the slot is in fact, very vibrant and vivid. Most certainly pleasing to the eye and very alluring!

It has five reels, four rows and 40 pay lines – giving you a chance to make some decent money. The minimum amount that you can wager is 40p and the maximum is £40 per spin. You can play this across all platforms like tablets, mobiles as well as desktop.

Just like the novel and the movie follows Tarzan’s journey from a small boy to a young man, the slot also takes you through the various locations in the jungle in search of big wins. The slot boasts of some fabulous animations and visuals. The cartoon-style graphics fits right in with the entire theme of the slot.

With a remarkable soundtrack to keep you entertained, the various symbols that you’ll encounter while your journey through the slot game are Tarzan, Archimedes, Jane, shrike, chimp, leopard and fruits like plum, apple, orange and watermelon. You’ll be pleased to know that all the symbols are rendered in 3D. This makes Tarzan slot even more enthralling!

The Special Symbols and Features of Tarzan Slot

Tarzan logo is the wild symbol. When you’re playing the base game, it has the ability to appear stacked. In fact, even in the Free Spins feature it can appear stacked as well as substitute all the symbols to form a winning combination except the scatter symbol. The wild symbol also has the highest value in terms of payouts. If you were to land five wild symbols on a pay line, you’ll be paid 20 times your stake.

The other special symbol that you need to hope for is the Bonus Scatter symbol. If you land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, it triggers the Bonus Wheel. You’ll need to spin the bonus wheel and if lady luck is by your side, you can win cash multipliers or a jackpot prize. You’ll also have access to Free Spins or Pick-a-Potamus Bonus features.

So, the cash multipliers are offered in the following ways:

  • Three scatter symbols has the ability to award you between 3x and 6x of your stake
  • Four scatter symbols can give you between 6x and 12x of your stake
  • Five scatter symbols rewards you between 9x and 18x of your stake amount

On the other hand, the jackpot prize is a lot bigger and can reward you with a whopping 1,000x of your stake amount.

As you can already see, Tarzan slot is somewhere in the middle by offering balanced payouts throughout the game. The superb animations and visuals make it worth playing at least once!

Electrifying Free Spins and Shockingly Good Times With Manic Millions Slot

Mad scientists, labs, smelly potions, scary assistants…you may have seen it all – movies, TV series and even in books. So, why should slot game developers not adopt this theme and make an electrifying online casino game out of it?

That’s what Manic Millions slot is all about. Set in the mad scientist’s laboratory, the old and crazy bearded scientist stands on the left of the reels. A scary looking character, much like Frankenstein stands to the right of the reels. His name is Igor and he seems like a trusty assistant of the mad scientist.

With a funky soundtrack, cartoon-like imagery and a quirky feel, this slot is quite interesting to play. The symbols on the reels also complement the theme really well. There are potion bottles of different colours, a weird plant, 3 slime-ball characters, Igor, an alien mouse and even the mad scientist makes an appearance on the reels. Graphically, NextGen Gaming has done a great job of developing the slot and bringing each and every character to life.

An Overview of Manic Millions Slot

Manic Millions has five reels and 25 pay lines. We liked the fact that it can be played tablets, mobiles as well as on desktops. With the ever-changing and ever-evolving technology, this slot seems to fit right in! You can spend as little as 25p and as much as £625 on a single spin. This slot also comes with three bonus features that include wilds and free spins.

The Symbols to Look Out For!

Most slot games these days have a wild and scatter symbol at the very least. Some slots have more than one scatter and wild symbols. But in Manic Millions slot, there is one wild and one scatter symbol. While the mad scientist is the wild symbol and Manic Millions Bonus is the scatter symbol.

The wild symbol can substitute all other symbols to complete a pay line except the scatter symbol. If you’re able to land five mad scientist symbols on a pay line, it will pay you 40 times your total stake. On the other hand, five Manic Millions Bonus symbols anywhere on the pay line gives you 50 times your stake.

No prizes for guessing that these special symbols often trigger special bonus rounds and features.

But the Igor in this slot has different plans for the players. He has the ability to randomly pull the lever and add the wild symbol to one or more reels. In fact, in the Free Spins round, the Igor can add up to three wild symbols to one or more reels. This is the Igor Wild Bonus feature.

If you’re keen on triggering the Electrifying Free Games feature, you’ll need to collect three or more Manic Millions Bonus symbols on the pay lines. But the Igor Scatter Bonus feature lets the Igor randomly add a scatter symbol to one or more reels in the second, third and fourth reels only. Once this feature is activated, you’ll have 10 free spins to play the slot and continue making some more money.

Although the slot may seem a bit quirky, what with the bizarre characters and the whole cartoon-feel to it, it has the potential to make you a lot of money as the payouts are quite generous. When we played the slot, Igor (the sweet little thing) added wild symbols to three reels in the Electrifying Free Games feature. This resulted in an outrageous 560 times stake win for us! We were quite impressed.

So, this game has a medium to high variance offering and is a lot of fun!

Quickspin’s Latest Release is Inspired by the Ancient Chinese Culture

A five reel, 40 pay lines slot from Quickspin is the latest to hit online casinos. Dragon Shrine slot has a vibrant and vivid theme. Quickspin’s first oriental video slot, it comes with re-spins with sticky symbols and two-way free spins as well! The oriental vibe mainly reflects in the symbols.

The Asian imagery is clearly visible and we must say that Quickspin has definitely done a good job with this slot – being their first time and all. Besides the Chinese feel, visually the game looks extremely appealing with riches and gems all over, giving the slot a very polished and shiny effect.

Playing Dragon Shrine Slot

Like most other slot games, Dragon Shrine is also not complex, but it’s not that simple as well. This is because its gameplay is not built around the traditional reel grid. It has a variable number of rows. It follows 3-4-4-4-3 structure. Interestingly, if you’ve played another slot called Hidden Valley by Quickspin, this structure won’t be new to you at all.

Did you know that online slot games are slowly abandoning the traditional formats and are coming up with new and innovative formats?

This is to attract the millenials who are always looking for something different. That being said, you’ll find the Dragon Shrine slot comprises of regular symbols of playing card values from 10 to Ace and different coloured gemstones. These are the symbols you’ll see often when you start playing this slot game.

Of course, like most slot games, Dragon Shrine also has two special symbols – Wild and Scatter. The wild symbol is represented by word ‘Wild’ embedded on a gold tablet. The other wild symbol has a gold dragon on a red surface. The bonus scatter symbol is a green temple.

Nowadays most slots are fully optimised via HTML5. Even Dragon Shrine slot follows suit. So, you’ll realise that playing this slot can’t get any better. It performs really well.

The Special Features of Dragon Shrine Slot

As you may already be aware, the special symbols are in place to trigger some bonus rounds that gives you an opportunity to make some extra money.

So, the first symbol, the dragon triggers the Dragon Stack Re-spins feature. If you’re lucky enough to land a full stack of dragons on the first reel, this feature is activated. When this feature is on, all the wild symbols and dragon symbols will be locked down and you’ll have three free re-spins that you can use to win some more money.

The Bonus Green Temple symbol triggers the Free Spins feature. You’ll need a minimum of three symbols anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels. When this happens, you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. What’s more is that, pay lines transform into Win-both-ways and hence, you’re likely to make even more money if you win any amount during the Free Spins round.

The best part of the Free Spins round is that the Dragon Stack Re-spin feature can get activated on the remaining reels. The Free Spins round can also be retriggered if you happen to land three or more scatter symbol in the Free Spins round. Isn’t that amazing? The slot game seems to be getting better and better!

Maximum Payouts from Quickspin Games

Quickspin slots are known to offer maximum payouts in their games. It’s no different in Dragon Shrine slot as well. The theoretical payout percentage is set at a neat 96.55%. Of course, the slot won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it also won’t let you walk away empty-handed. If you play your cards right, you can make a tidy sum of money at the end of your game.