Stacked Wilds

There are now dozens of different type of wild symbols found in play on the thousands of different online slot available at various casino sites, and as such you are probably getting somewhat confused by how those symbols work and operate when they have been spun in.

The one thing that every single wild symbol will share in regards to who they operate is that they will stand in for the majority of other reel symbols, and as such by spinning in one or more wild symbols on an activated payline alongside matching symbols you will find the wild symbols help you complete the winning payout associated with the matching reel symbols.

However, you will find multiple different slot games which offer a special set of what are known as stacked wild symbols, and on certain reels of those slots the wild symbols have been placed onto the reels one on top of each other.

That means that when you send the reels spinning on such a slot it is perfectly possible for you to spin in on one or more reels of those slots a set of wild symbols that fill the entire reel they have appeared on with wild symbols.

As mentioned above there are certainly no shortages of slots offering those stacked wild symbols, however one slot that we think you are going to enjoy playing is the Scarface slot, which is one of the many instant plays slot games designed by NetEnt.

When playing the Scarface slot not only can you spin in one or more sets of stacked wild symbols but each time you spin in at least one of them and they fill the entire reels with wild symbols then you will trigger an additional bonus game, depending on just which reel those stacked wild symbols have all been spun in on!

Be aware also that some slot game shave a special randomly awarded base game bonus feature on which one to five of the reels can suddenly become filled with stacked wild symbols.

As every single reel symbols on those randomly selected reels have nothing but wild symbols on them you are then going to be guaranteed of having those reels coming to a stop in such a way the in view reel symbols on those reels are all wild symbols!

If you do fancy playing a slot with stacked wild symbols one final thing to keep in mind is that the more paylines you activate on those slots the more chance you will have of forming plenty of winning combinations when those reel symbols have been spun in!

Stacked Reel Symbols

The number of symbols you will find attached to any slot games reels and the length of the reel strips themselves will ultimately determine the odds of you forming a winning combination.

However, what you will find on some of the newer slot games, for example those that are found in casino sites that have the NetEnt range of slot games are matching reel symbols that have been attached one on top of each other.

Those reel symbols are what a known as stacked reel symbols, and the attraction for many a slot player of playing those particular slots is that when you are playing off any single spin you may get several of the stacked symbols appearing from left to right across the screen which cover all of the in view reel positions.

By doing so when you are playing all of the pay lines on those slots when you get at least three or more of the stacked reel symbols spinning in from left to right then you will have formed multiple winning combinations.

If you want to play a slot with stacked wild symbols then there are of course lots of them as mentioned above to choose from, however one slot we think you will enjoy playing is the Wonky Wabbits slot game which has plenty of stacked reel symbols in play on all of its five video reels.

Also be on the lookout for slots which have something known as stacked wild symbols, for those slots will give you even more winning opportunities as the stacked wild symbols will, when they have been spun in, help you form possibly even more high paying winning combinations!

Slots offering set of stacked wild symbols that only come into play during a free spins bonus game are also exciting slots to play, as during the bonus game a special multiplier will come into force to boost any and all winning combinations formed.

Spreading Wilds

We think you should spend as long as you need taking a good look through our slots university before you start playing slot game online, for by doing so we are going to be introducing you to a huge range of different slot bonus games, bonus features and special reel symbols that you will find of interest.

By knowing in advance just what for example a set of wild symbols are going to do whenever you spin them in on certain slot games, you can then make a beeline when you next log into any casino site and get stuck into playing he slots with the wild symbols that appeal to you the most!

Take for example a slot which has spreading wild symbols, what those particular special set of wild symbols are going to do when they have been spin in will be to spread across the screen, and by doing so they will turn standard reel symbols into wild symbols.

As the wild symbols stand in for all standard reel symbols on any slot game then the further across the screen the spreading wild symbols spread the more wild symbols will be added to the screen, and that will see you then having the best chances of forming multiple winning combinations.

Many slot game however only award spreading wild symbols when you have triggered a bonus game feature round such as a set of free spins, however you will find a handful of slots which have them on offer via their base game.

To be perfectly honest you are much more likely to find the latter names slots much more appealing, as the spreading wild symbols will appear much more regularly than they will do on a slot which only has them attached to their bonus games!

Spreading Wild

Wild symbols have been attached to the reels of slot games for decades now, however every now and then a slot game designer will devise a brand new type of wild symbols which will perform some additional task whenever one or more of them have been spun in.

One slot game designers who slots games often come with a unique type of wild symbols is NetEnt, and when playing at a casino site offering all of their slot games be on the lookout for their EggOMatic slot which offers something know as a Spreading Wild symbol.

When you do play a slot with a spreading wild reel symbol whenever that symbols spins in it can spread across the screen either horizontally or vertically and as it spreads across the screen it will then turn every adjacent standard reel symbols it touches into wild symbols.

The more reel symbols that are turned into wild symbols via the spreading wild symbol the more chance you will then have of forming one or more than one winning combinations, if a slot has several of those symbols in play you will find those slots can offer some very high valued winning payout when you get lots of those reel symbols spinning in.

You will often find however that those types of slots offering that special wild symbols often come with a fixed pay line playing structure, so whilst you will always have the maximum number of payline in live play when playing those slots you will need to have enough cash in your casino account to be able to put into play all of those slots pay lines!

Sin Spins

Playing a slot with a collective feature will see you having to spin in a certain number of special symbols during the course of any number of slot playing sessions on that slot to trigger a unique type of bonus game when enough of them have been accumulated.

Take for example the Devil’s Delight slot game which is a multi-stake video slot from NetEnt, as you are playing off a single base game spin you could get one or more of the Soul symbols spinning in. Those symbols are overlaid onto the standard reel symbols.

Each time one of those symbols do appear anywhere in view on the screen they are collected up on the meter displayed at the foot of the slot game screen. As soon as you have 15 of this positions on the meter lit up, by spinning in 15 of those symbols then a set of what are known as Sin Spins are awarded to you.

If you have amassed fewer than 15 of those symbols during any one single slot playing session, then the next time you launch that slot they will still be saved up on the meter, so you can carry on playing form the points where you left off at a later date.

But the Souls will only be saved up for 48 hours so if you do not play the slot within that time frame then any Souls you have amassed during the course of the last session or session will be lost.

Sin Spins are simply a set of free spins on offer on the Devil’s Delight slot and as such they will play off with the same pay lines and stakes on offer as you had in play on the spin which triggered the feature.

Keep in mind however that the Sin Spins will be playing off with a different set of reel symbols in play and you will be able to view the payouts for that bonus feature by clicking onto the pay table.

Shifting Reels

You are always going to be learning new things when you play any of the very latest slot game releases, for most brand new slots will come with all manner of new bonus games and playing structure that you will never have come across before!

Take for example the Robin Hood slot game, this is a multi-stake video slot from NetEnt, and what makes it very unique is that it is a slot with shifting reels. How that base game bonus features works and plays off is quite exciting and is a way for you to pick up some very high valued winning payout once the reels start to shift.

When you are playing off any single base game spin on this slot what you will notice is that as soon as you have spun in one winning combination on any of your activated pay lines the reels will then move across the screen.

Once they have shifted across the screen the next spin you will play off have an increased multiplier in play for that spin and as such any additional winning combinations that are formed from the spin will be boosted in value by that multiplier.

However, by you then forming another winning combination the shifting reels feature will then be activated on the next spin and the multiplier value will grow in size again for the very next spin. As long as you keep on forming winning combinations the shifting reels feature will be awarded to you.

Three or more winning combinations on the trot from the shifting reels bonus feature will see the multipliers in play grow in size of x5 and that multiplier will remind at x5 until no new winning combinations are formed at which point the shifting reels feature will then end.

Scatter Symbol

One of the most unique reel symbols that you are going to find attached to many video slot games are what are known as scatter symbols.

Those symbols are unique as instead of you having spin in a certain number of them on a payline you have activated from left to right across the screen beginning from the first reel, which is the case with most other reel symbols you simply need to get a certain number of them spinning in.

However, what you will tend to find is that some slot games have scatter symbols which will award just a cash payout when you spin in a certain number of scatter symbols, whilst some slot games will award a bonus game when you spin in the required number of scatter symbols anywhere in view on the screen.

In fact, quite a large number of video slots now offer both a cash payout and a bonus game when you have enough scatter symbols appearing from any one single base game spin. The main attraction for players of playing a slot with scatter symbols is that you can play any number of paylines and still have the same chance of triggering a bonus game for example via those symbols as a max payline slot player has.

One interesting aspect of playing any slot which does come with scatter symbols is that the cash payouts some of those symbols ward to players are going to be a multiple of the amount you stakes on the base game. The more scatter symbols that you spin in the higher in value that multiplier will become.

You will find some slots games can offer players spinning in all five scatter symbols a payout worth up to 500 times the amount hey wagered don’t eh base game spin all five of those symbols spun in on, and those scatter symbols award more than the jackpot symbols do!


You may find that you are playing a slot with a re-spins feature, and if so that is going to be a slot game that at some point in your playing session you will trigger the respin feature on which you are then going to be awarded with a set number of respin on which additional winning combinations can be formed.

There are numerous different slots offering such a feature, but one which we think you will find very appealing is the Attraction slot which is a video slot designed by NetEnt and as such it is a slot you can access and play for free or real money as a casino site using their instant play gaming platform.

The way in which that slot awards a respin is a little unusual for when you play off each base game spin a special Magnet animation will suddenly appear at the side or at the top or bottom of the slot game screen.

When you then have played off that base game spin if you have a wild symbol spinning in opposite the magnet then that reel symbols is going to become locked onto the screen and you will then be awarded with a respin.

The aim of any respin feature is for you to form additional winning combination once the respin has been played off and if you do the winnings from that winning combination are of course awarded to you.

However, why we think you will enjoy playing the Attraction slot game is that during the respin two magnets become in play on the screen and by you then spinning in another wild symbols opposite the magnets you are awarded with another respin, and the respins only stop playing off when you no long spin in any additional wild symbols!

Rapid Jackpot

The sheer size at which some progressive jackpots can grow to can amaze you, in fact it is perfect feasible if not extremely rare, that when playing a progressives slot game online you could end up winning a jackpot that will turn you into a multi millionaire!

However, there are several things that any slot player does need to be aware of when playing any slot game offering a progressive jackpot or a series of progressive jackpots, and that is a proportion of the stake you are playing for are going to be feeding the jackpot pool or pools.

That means that the base game payout percentage on most progressive jackpot awarding slots, when you take out of the equation the progressive jackpot element of the game are set quite low, and as such you are more likely to lose your bankroll much quicker when playing those types of slots!

However, you are going to some across a slot offering a rapid fire jackpot payout in additional to a set of other different sized progressive jackpots when playing at casinos sites offering the NetEnt range of slot games, and that slot is their Cosmic Fortune slot.

A Rapid Fire jackpot is one that is won very, very regularly and as such when playing such a slot you have a good chance of being awarded with that jackpot when you play it regularly.

Also you will find rapid fire jackpots can be awarded to players completely at random too, so you can win one of them on any base game spin you play off which does add another level of excitement to play those types of slots online.

If you are interested in playing a slot on which a random jackpot or rapid fire jackpot can be awarded to you, then the best ones to pick out to play are those on which every player has the chance of winning those jackpots no matter at what stake levels they are playing for.

So avoiding playing slots which force you to play for maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning such a jackpot and stick to those that award there jackpots to players playing for any stake level!

Random Wild

The days of when the only way for you to have a wild symbols appearing on any of the paylines you have chosen to put into play on a slot have long gone! For you will have plenty of different types of slot games available to you online which can randomly add wild symbols onto the reels either during the base game for via some form of bonus game.

There are several slots available online at various different casinos sites that will have some form of randomly award bonus game, which is usually triggered as soon as you click on the spin button to send a base game spin into live play.

Those bonus games will then see one to five of the reels becoming completely filled with wild symbols, and as such it will be possible for you to get a screen full of wild symbols spinning in on those slots during the bonus game.

However there are other ways that wild symbols can be attached to the reels of some slot games you are playing, and one slot that offers random wild symbols is the Lights slot game found in sites utilizing the NetEnt range of slots.

When you are playing the Lights slot game soon every single base game spin you are going to find wild symbols floating around the screen as the reels are spinning, and 2 to 4 of those wild symbols will suddenly attach themselves to random reel positions at the end of the spin.

What makes that slot a very appealing one to players is that when you trigger the free spins bonus round the number of random wild symbols that will be guaranteed to appear on the in view reels increases, and as such you will find on ever single free spin played off between 3 and 6 random wild symbols will be added to the reels.